Unleash the Power of Cross-Chain Transaction Signing With Core

Experience Seamless Interactions Across Chains

We’re excited to unveil a unique new feature in Core - Cross-Chain Transaction Signing! This innovative addition streamlines the transaction signing process by eliminating the need to switch networks, and enabling smooth interaction across multiple chains. With this, Core is making a significant move towards unifying the user experience across different chains (all EVM compatible chains and Subnets) and bridging the gap between them.

Say goodbye to manual network switching! This solution not only solves the inconvenience of switching networks every time you change chains, but it also sets a new standard for transaction signing UX.

This feature was specifically built for the Dexalot launch at their request. The platform utilizes cross-chain communication protocols, like LayerZero, to allow communication between its Mainnet (Avalanche C-chain) and Dexalot Subnet. This is a massive UX improvement for Dexalot users because no network switching is needed from depositing on the C-Chain to trading on the Subnet.

However, the potential applications are far-reaching and we want our users to explore the full capabilities of this feature. What other innovative use cases can you come up with for Cross-Chain Transaction Signing?

Share your ideas and thoughts on this exciting new addition to Core and Dexalot in the comments.


This will be big for dexalot and create a more seamless experience. I think many users forget to switch networks right away before trading and after depositing assets to the subnet. I know I do at least :rofl:


Yeah I agree - being able to deposit, trade and withdraw from within Core abstracts the blockchain away!!

Does it mean that we can build a cross-chain native token swap app like LayerZero’s stargate finance on Core?

The introduction of Cross-Chain Transaction Signing in Core is a game-changer. It simplifies interactions across chains, enhancing user experience and unifying EVM-compatible chains. Eliminating manual network switching is a significant UX improvement, initially designed for Dexalot but with broad potential for innovative applications. I love this innovation.

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