The Dexalot Subnet

Hello Avangers and lovers of all things Avalanche…

Today is Dexalot’s launch day and I wanted to introduce you to

the Dexalot Subnet

and make myself available to answer any questions you may have

about Dexalot ( the exchange, its international community, and the tech itself).

Dexalot’s community managers Boogie B and ZainCypher may join in the conversation too.

In the words of Avalaunch Director Mark Stanwyck of more than a year ago, “ The (Dexalot) subnet, once a near apocryphal promise of a brilliant future is upon us. Exciting.”

The Dexalot Subnet is here. It is here to stay!! I wrote a guide to the Dexalot Subnet. Check it out.

It has been a journey indeed from a testnet and the December 6, 2022 launch on the Avalanche C-chain back in 2022. If you would like to step back in time you might consider reading an AMA with Avalaunch from December 22, 2022 on Dexalot’s Medium page. It gives you a wonderful perspective on the background of the Dexalot executive team, the founders’ vision and how The Dexalot Subnet was part of it all from the very beginning.

Dexalot has been integrated with Core and you can learn what is happening on the Dexalot Subnet directly from inside the Core app.

The Avalanche explorer enables you to view the on-going activity on The Dexalot Subnet from the Stats tab.

Dexalot is also supporting the growing Avalanche ecosystem by offering a special listing mechanism called Dexalot Discovery for the fair launch of tokens.

Experience the Dexalot Subnet for yourself !

Let me know if you have any questions about Dexalot - any at all - that’s why I am here!