Dexalot Launches Groundbreaking Central Limit Order Book Subnet on #Avalanche with $1M+ in Incentives - Get Ready to Revolutionize Your DeFi Trading Experience!

OMG! :fire:Is it really true that #Dexalot just launched its first Central Limit Order Book Subnet on #Avalanche?! :rocket:

This is a major step forward in the evolution of decentralized trading protocols! :boom:

I can’t wait to see what this new Subnet has to offer with its fast transaction finality, low fees, & support across spot trading pairs :fire:

What about the Incentive Program with up to 4.8 million $ALOT tokens?! :moneybag: Sign me up!

Who else is excited to take their DeFi trading to the next level with #Dexalot?! :rocket::fire: Let’s go, #Trade2theSubnet!


Well I am - that’s for sure.


Everything is great at Dexalot
Just traded on the subnet :fire: