Dexalot Launch Advantages

Hey friends,

Has anyone tried out the new #Dexalot launch on Avalanche? I’m hearing some amazing things about it and how it’s changing the DeFi game.

From its on-chain order book to its hybrid architecture, I’m super curious to see how it stacks up against other decentralized exchanges.

Anyone care to share their experience? Would love to hear your thoughts! :thinking:


I would love to hear what others think of their experience. Personally coming from a background in science rather than finance I was able to pick it up easily. It has a bit of a Binance look and feel. Constructive criticism is always welcome and I find this often more interesting and important than praise and pure positivity. Here is a thread Dexalot made of some responses so far.

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I think it’s a win case to promote DeFi!
The subnet experience we tried should speed up the deployment of new DeFi subnets

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It certainly makes the case for Avalanche CLOBs. One user said this “My experience on the Dexalot subnet was excellent. I’ve been telling everyone for the past year that you guys were on the smartest track around and that has been confirmed.”