Feedback on Core web

Any thoughts or feedback on Core web?

Core web is out! Core web is a free, all-in-one command center giving users a more intuitive and comprehensive way to view and use Web3 across the Avalanche network, Avalanche Subnets, and Ethereum. Core web is optimized for use with Core browser extension. Together, they are key components of the Core product suite that brings dApps, NFTs, Avalanche Bridge, Subnets, L2s, and more, directly to Web3 users.

With the Core product suite, users now have full control over their assets, including the ability to:

  • Bridge: transfer and use native Bitcoin and Ethereum tokens (ERC-20) on all Avalanche dApps
  • Swap: trade tokens on Avalanche and Ethereum without ever leaving Core
  • Buy: go from cash to crypto in minutes
  • Unify: view and manage NFTs and digital assets across multiple networks
  • Control: own your identity and automatically switch across Avalanche, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and any EVM-compatible network
  • Search: explore and seamlessly transact with Web3 addresses on chain

Congrats for core web, good and cool UI ! About DeFi tracking for the moment Tin or Zapper is better for example, can’t wait to see all avalanche protocols tracked on Core web like TraderJoe or BenQi. Btw please add tool for people can apply to your team for adding new token or new protocol. Keep working like that guys, red coin gud coin :saluting_face::small_red_triangle:


For the Portfolio section, I think the interface is amazing, but it only shows the tokens on your wallet. It would be nice (when time permits) to have the possibility to monitor your investments in DeFi protocols, something similar to what Debank does.


The portfolio section needs to show your DeFi positions (like the way Apeboard → Nansen do it) but I believe that it is already in the plan. Hopefully we can focus our resources on adding the defi section for Avalanche first, maybe start with the top TVL ones (refer to Defillama table).

I personally would love to use Yieldyak for the swap section. It’s not about how much i’m saving on swaps but the support for native Avalanche applications. Yieldyak has always been there.

Other than that, congrats on the product. I love the UI & am excited to see the ecosystem gettin’ bigger & bigger.

P/s: A mobile app for Core would be a huge deal btw


Great feedback! Have passed it to the team.


You can check out Core Web here:

You can check out the Core Browser Extension here: Core | Crypto Wallet Extension - Chrome Web Store


How are you doing with Ledger compatibility? I have some BTC in my Ledger and I can’t see it in Core.

Core extension allows BIP44 and Ledger live pathways for Ledger users. If you need further help you can use the chat box at with the issue.

Eventual Trezor support would be highly appreciated. Also the open sourcing (as much as possible) for Core would also be very highly appreciated.

Awesome :grinning: smooth as silk

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Hi @Jay for swap, can we build swap between Solana and Avax, this will create inflow to our ecosystem.

Not the place to discuss this, just curious if I had missed anything. Any plans for an abstraction layer, so less savvy users/newbies don’t have to deal with 3 chains, and be able to use of the entire Avalanche network seamlessly, mimicking a single token chain? I’d imagine could be done through something like .avax naming service

Worth starting a new thread. @Tiago_S

Hi, I had some problems using core whereby it crashes my browser.

Can you submit a bug report?

Will need details such as browser, ext version, and any workflow/screencapture to show us the issue.

First of all, we really appreciate the work that’s been put into Core Web and Core wallet extension.

My suggestions would apply to both Core Web and Core Wallet.

1/ Show validated/delegated AVAX as part of the portfolio. Say you had 1025 AVAX and you delegated 1000 AVAX. Now all of a sudden it shows only 25 AVAX in your portfolio as if you lost 1000 AVAX. It should 25 AVAX in your balance, and 1000 AVAX in DeFi, all aggregating to 1025 AVAX.

2/ Ability to validate/delegate from your active wallet address that’s connected to the Ledger. As you know, with Ledger, Core can show 1st address by default, but can also switch to 2nd or 3rd etc address. Currently at can only validate/delegate from 1st address. With Core Web and Core Wallet you should be able to validate/delegate from 2nd or 3rd etc address too.

I have passed these as suggestions to Core Wallet previously.