Robo 404 Quadratic Funding Round Submission

Proposal for Avalanche Community Grants Program Support

Executive Summary

We are excited to present $ROBO, an innovative NFT ecosystem developed on the Avalanche C-Chain, leveraging the novel ERC404 standard. $ROBO merges the realms of digital robotics and decentralized finance (DeFi) to create a comprehensive universe where users can collect, trade, stake, and compete with NFT robots crafted from unique parts. Our vision is to redefine the NFT space by introducing a dynamic environment where strategy, skill, and community engagement drive value and enjoyment.


  1. Expand the $ROBO Universe: Enhance the platform with new features, including more intricate robot parts, arenas, and marketplace functionalities.
  2. Community Growth: Foster a vibrant, engaged community of developers, strategists, and traders.
  3. Sustainability: Ensure the long-term viability of the $ROBO ecosystem through continuous innovation and community-driven development.

Request for Support

We are seeking funding and development support from the Avalanche Community Grants program to achieve the following:

  1. Development: Begin development of the ecosystem including the welding shop, battle arena and gold mining operations.
  2. Community Initiatives and Outreach: Launch comprehensive educational and promotional campaigns to attract and retain users.
  3. Research and Development: Continuously explore new technologies and strategic partnerships to keep $ROBO at the forefront of the NFT and DeFi spaces.
    4.Security and Compliance: Because of our plans to integrate RWAs through our connections with Frisco Gold Mining as well as Winston Gold, we want to be sure we remain compliant.


$ROBO is not just a game; it’s an ecosystem that marries creativity with financial savvy. By leveraging Avalanche’s fast, low-cost transactions, $ROBO offers a seamless, immersive experience that is both fun and potentially lucrative. Our project aligns with Avalanche’s vision of fostering innovative, decentralized applications that drive blockchain adoption.

Impact and Benefits

  • Innovation: $ROBO introduces a unique blend of NFT collectibility and DeFi mechanics, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the blockchain space.
  • Community Engagement: With an emphasis on strategy and skill, $ROBO encourages active community participation, fostering a dedicated user base.
  • Ecosystem Growth: By attracting a diverse group of users, $ROBO will contribute to the expansion and diversification of the Avalanche ecosystem.


$ROBO stands at the confluence of creativity, strategy, and blockchain technology. With the support of the Avalanche Community Grants program, we can propel $ROBO into its next phase of growth, delivering an unparalleled NFT experience that engages, educates, and entertains. Join us in shaping the future of NFTs and DeFi on Avalanche.


Got plenty NFT stuff , want to publish meme / 404 beautiful collection . Wont share more but can show on call . Got AI cloud sitting at home idle atm (45cards)


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Hi @Robot404 @Eacc – it looks like you haven’t submitted your project into the round on Gitcoin. You still have a few hours to do it but we won’t be able to approve you after the submission period ends. Join the telegram if you need any live assistance.

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