Announcing Round #1 Participants

Hi everyone, the submission period just ended and we are done reviewing all applications for the first Community Quadratic Funding Round.

We have received a total of 37 applications (some people unfortunately posted on the forum but did not submit their project on Gitcoin). After reviewing all applications and ensuring they adhered to the eligibility criteria, we have accepted 25 projects in the round.

The round officially starts on the 18th, which is when anyone will be able to donate to projects, which will in turn decide how matching funds from the Avalanche Foundation are allocated. Please note that in order for your submission to count towards quadratic funding, you will need to complete at least one stamp on Gitcoin Passport.

Here is a brief description of each project that has been admitted into the round, we highly recommend reading their entire application on the corresponding forum post (you can also provide direct feedback or ask questions there):

  • Avalanche Attestation Service: the Avalanche Attestation Service aims to build an attestation service on Avalanche that is forked from the Ethereum Attestation Service. This will provide infrastructure for entities to make attestations about each other, laying the groundwork for apps to utilize attestations such as a passport app that allows users to verify social media accounts and collect stamps to boost their “human factor” score.

  • Snowpeer: Snowpeer is a platform that provides analytics and insights into the Avalanche network. It aims to be the central hub for network participants by transforming complex data into clear, easy-to-understand visualizations and metrics. Snowpeer provides validator/subnet visualisations that you won’t find anywhere else, as well as the only dashboard to track Avalanche ACPs.

  • DeFi Llama: DeFi Llama needs no introduction, as the leading DeFi analytics platform (and so much more). They have provided free support for Avalanche for over 3 years and rely on direct donations/gitcoin donations to fund the project.

  • StableJack: Stable Jack is an Avalanche native LSTfi protocol that partitions AVAX volatility into two products to have a new yield-bearing stablecoin, called aUSD, while also creating a volatile AVAX token, called xAVAX.

  • OpenBSD Audit/Improvements: This project aims to improve the security of the Avalanche network by auditing the source code of core Avalanche tools using OpenBSD’s methodology, porting these tools to OpenBSD/adJ, running tests on them to discover security issues, and recommending fixes. The proposers have already found and helped fix a security issue in the blst library used by Avalanchego, and hope to continue improving security through this work.

  • Isbjorn: Isbjorn is an initiative on the Avalanche blockchain in operation since August 2021. Focused on increasing efforts to save the polar bears, using DAO capabilities for users to discuss and decide the specifics of their Arctic conservation missions in collaboration with Polar Bear International.

  • Watchers AI: Watchers AI is an analytics and chain exploration tool developed exclusively for the Avalanche network. By offering comprehensive insights into on-chain activities, WatchersAI significantly contributes to the analytics aspect of the Avalanche ecosystem, enhancing transparency and understanding.

  • Vrumble: Vrumble is a mobile gaming app on Avalanche that allows users to battle against influencers in mini-games and claim rewards for wins using the in-app SUJI token. Players can also trade keys to private chat rooms, livestream battles, and upgrade NFT powers.

  • BLOCK’d: BLOCK’d Social is a decentralized social media platform launched on Polygon in March 2023 that has since migrated to Avalanche. It features decentralized social accounts, wallet to wallet calling, decentralized guilds (like Discord), and plans to offer decentralized livestreaming through a partnership with Livepeer.

  • Awaken: Awaken is an open-world fighting game and metaverse being built on Avalanche. It aims to enable digital ownership and create an engaging virtual world for players to explore, complete quests, and collaborate within.

  • Tradao: Tradao is a derivatives portfolio tracker that provides traders with tools and data from protocols like GMX to make informed investment decisions. It also aims to establish a fair trading environment through an innovative incentive system and permissionless social trading features.

  • AudioForge: AudioForge is a tool that provides analytics and insights for Twitter Spaces discussions, allowing users to explore, analyze, and access an archive of important conversations. It aims to help users stay informed on trends and topics by offering real-time insights and a searchable database of audio content from Twitter Spaces.

  • Staava Protocol: Staava Protocol is building a permissionless EVM subnet called SE-Chain on Avalanche, with its native token $STAAVA used as gas and for governance. SE-Chain aims to promote scarcity of assets like AVAX and rewards users for creating scarcity with its token.

  • Kimbo: Kimbo aims to be a thriving ecosystem that empowers its community through NFTs, its own subnet (Kimbonet), and games, distinguishing itself from other tokens by cultivating a vibrant culture of innovation and collaboration on Avalanche.

  • IvorieChat: IvorieChat is a chat platform that allows users to earn rewards for engaging in conversations. It aims to provide a supplementary income source for individuals through monetizing casual conversations

  • CryptoRank: CryptoRank is a comprehensive cryptocurrency market analysis platform that offers up-to-date market data, analytical dashboards, and tools for traders and investors. CryptoRank has developed an Avalanche section, web3 portfolio tracker and integrated its NFT minting app and bridge app with Avalanche.

  • SolarDEX: SolarDEX is a GameFi DEX that combines NFT trading and DeFi functionality. They also have an in-game NFT marketplace and plan to have a game built and token launching on Avalanche.

  • Gecko Inu: Gecko Inu is a community-driven project focused on building utilities for its GEC token like a cross-chain swap aggregator, launchpad, and NFT collections to support Avalanche-based projects.

  • GOV.DAO: GOV.DAO aims to enhance governance for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) by providing a unified platform for customizable governance frameworks and treasury management. Their platform focuses on enabling end-to-end encrypted and confidential governance decisions and operations while maintaining regulatory compliance.

  • Avax List: Avax List aims to be a comprehensive information hub for all projects built on the Avalanche blockchain, providing a catalog of projects, market data, live prices, and analytics to help the community and contribute to ecosystem growth.

  • MILO: MILO is a blockchain-based rewards point platform that supports NFT projects and the development of an AI-powered P2E game called SNAPEATS within its ecosystem. MILO aims to encourage responsible consumption and strengthen partnerships between companies by allowing users to exchange reward points from various brands on its platform.

  • Kanaloa Network: Kanaloa Network is a decentralized finance token and blockchain solutions provider focused on lowering the technical barriers of Web3 development. It aims to improve the smart contract development process with its diamond smart contract platform.

  • MoonKiss: MoonKiss is a launchpad designed to democratize the creation of memecoins on the Avalanche blockchain. MoonKiss is engineered to facilitate the easy creation of fair launch memecoins equipped with anti-bot and anti-rug features to ensure a safe and equitable environment for investors. The platform supports memecoins with tradable presales, enhancing early liquidity and market confidence.

  • Hoshi: Hoshi is a digital anime brand that plans to create weekly social media skits and animations featuring cute mischievous anime characters. They aim to attract new users to Avalanche through arts and culture while representing the Avalanche brand.

  • Once Upon a Star: Once Upon a Star is an independent film that incorporates Avalanche’s blockchain technology into the everyday lives of the main characters. It is nearing completion of production and seeking final funds to pay participants and distribute the film on major platforms to introduce Avalanche to a mainstream audience.


Hey thank you @nadim_chamoun , You wrote a better description than what I did. Can I use it to explain my project?

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yeah of course feel free to use it anywhere

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