Announcing Round #1 Results

We are finally wrapping up the first quadratic funding round. It’s been amazing to see the organic participation from projects and donors alike. Every single project participating in the round has received both community donations and matching funds from the Avalanche Foundation.


  • As many participants will know, Holonym and Civic stamps were made mandatory through Gitcoin Passport for this round, in order for donations to count towards quadratic funding. We have decided to remove the requirement for the final result, since a manual analysis of the results showed no sybil behaviour, and it only had a minor effect on final results.

  • We decided to use Collusion-oriented cluster-matching (COCM) for this round, which quantifies just how coordinated groups of actors are likely to be based on the social signals they have in common. Projects backed by more independent agents receive greater matching funds. Conversely, if a project’s support network shows higher levels of coordination, the matching funds are reduced, encouraging self-organized solutions within more coordinated groups.

Round Stats

  • Matching Available: 1,500 AVAX

  • Matching Cap: 10%

  • Number of Unique Voters: 355

  • Number of Unique Projects: 25

  • Average Donor Contribution: $49.73

  • Max Donor Contribution: $2,496

  • Amount Raised by Crowd: $17,654.47


Project Name Matching Funds Received (AVAX) Match %
Watchers AI 150 10
Stable Jack 150 10
AudioForge 150 10
BLOCK’d Social 126.38 8.43
Hoshi 123.93 8.26
Snowpeer 114.37 7.62
Kimbo 110.42 7.36
Avalanche Attesation Service 101.7 6.78
DefiLlama 71.14 4.74
Gecko Inu 53.22 3.55
MoonKiss 48.2 3.21
Solar Dex 46.54 3.1
MILO 38.56 2.57
Audit, improve and port fundamental Avalanche tools to OpenBSD/adJ 38.53 2.57
Awaken 27.5 1.83
IvorieChat 26.48 1.77
Avax List 26.05 1.74
Cryptorank 21.36 1.42
Tradao 14.11 0.94
Once Upon a Star 12.9 0.86
GOV.DAO 12.09 0.81
Staava Protocol 11.58 0.77
Kanaloa Network 8.64 0.58
Isbjorn 8.32 0.55
Vrumble: BattleFi 7.98 0.53

Congratulations to every project participating. There will be an additional announcement once the disbursement of matching funds has been completed. Stay tuned for more information about future rounds soon!


Thanks a lot, I will keep auditing, porting and testing Avalanche tools to OpenBSD/adJ.


Hello, we received funds, thank you.
Kindly clarify what are these funds for? Just for participating? The total requested amount for our proposal was much more when was sent. Have you accept our proposal? Thanks.


These are the funds you received due to the quadratic funding match. More details on how QF works are below - congrats on a successful showing!

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