Avalanche Community Grants Submission: Tradao [Quadratic Funding Round #1]

[Quadratic Funding Round #1]: Tradao

Application Questions:

Please provide an overview of the project: Tradao is a groundbreaking Web3 Onchain Derivatives Data & Portfolio Platform designed to revolutionize trading analytics and strategies across the blockchain ecosystem. By offering a suite of comprehensive tools including copy-trading, backtesting, and grid trading bots, and by aggregating data from leading derivatives protocols such as GMX and Kwenta across various networks

Please explain how your project meets the round eligibility criteria: We have already integrated the trader data of Avalanche’s GMX almost a year ago. Also, we are a public good. We provide real-time data and detailed trader data & performance to help users make decisions and totally for free.

How does your project benefit the Avalanche Ecosystem? Please mention any existing or upcoming partnerships:

As I mentioned above, we have already integrated with GMX and supported all the Avalanche data for almost a year. We also received a 100k ARB grant from GMX, which represents the trust from GMX. We just launched the first permissionless copy trading function via GMXv2 on Arbitrum, and we will deploy that function on Avalanche. That would benefit the Avalanche’s perpetual trader.

Hold old is the project? 1 year old

Please outline any prior funding sources:

  • Total prior funding in USD: 300k

  • Grants: ~165k (100k ARB from GMX)

  • VC: 0

  • Token Launch: 0

  • Sales: 0

Please provide a link to your public group chat (Discord or Telegram) if applicable:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tradaoperp

Discord: Tradao

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @tradaoperp

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your project, previous work, or other affiliations?

Off-chain Data

12000 MAU, this MAU data came from Google Analytics(GA), Here is our GA screenshot

6900+ unique addresses using “Follow” to follow traders on Tradao. Here is the Galxe credential and some follow status of top traders on Tradao

Galxe Credential: Galxe

Tradao Profile: Tradao-Best Web3 Derivatives Portfolio Tracker

Onchain Data

Contributed more than 120M trading volume to GMX: We have created 2 different code to count the trading volume. They are “Tradao” and “Tradaox”.

Check the code on GMX Referral: GMX Referrals

Code of Tradao: It’s the old code we used before our copy trading function live without any incentive.

Code created at: April 2023

Trading volume: 50,813,147

Traded: 1,481

Address: 60

Code of Tradaox: It’s the new code we used after our copy trading function live.

Code created at: Jan 2024

Trading volume: 70,219,284

Traded: 1,575

Address: 129

Telegram Handle (you can answer N/A): @wingperp

Profiles or socials of other main team members publicly associated with the project: https://twitter.com/mon1y_

Email Address(es): wing@tradao.xyz

Payout Wallet Address (Payment on Avalanche C-Chain): 0x53e0819372f5fd5eb1650884ebdeb61b0183ec78