[Avalanche Community Grants Quadratic Funding: [Round #1] Crafted resources to integrate Builder into Avalanche

### Proposal Title: [Round Name] Project Name:

[Avalanche Community Grants Quadratic Funding: [Round #1] Crafted resources to integrate Builder into Avalanche

Application Questions:

Please provide an overview of the project:

Mercurius is constantly seeking innovations and fostering technological development, with a focused approach on the blockchain market. In this sense, our project aims to serve as a thorough repository, empowering, informing, instructing and updating builders, startups, developers, academics and interested individuals, offering a deep understanding of the benefits of ecosystem and, above all, elucidating why they should consider this platform for their future projects. Additionally, our initiative will contribute to the deployment of a substantial number of smart contracts on the Avalanche ecosystem, amplifying its potential for broad adoption and transformative impact across diverse sectors.

The scope of the six-month project includes:

1 - Quarterly Reports
2 - Youtube Live Stream Ecosystem Deep Dive
3 - Monthly Ecosystem Updates Reports

Key aspects of the project:

1- Quarterly Reports: Launch a comprehensive series of quarterly performance reports focused on providing in-depth insights and research that encourage knowledge of the Avalanche ecosystem, Subnets and all the benefits of the ecosystem for startups, builders, developers, individuals and academics to build new applications and research in the Avalanche ecosystem.

Main topics covered: (Additional relevant topics may be included)

  • Overall Network: Active accounts, transfers;
  • Decentralization & Staking: total validators, total stake, % of total supply staked;
  • Ecosystem & Development:News of the eco, new dapps and ideas;
  • Financial: Circulating supply, market cap, revenue, P/S ratio, treasury balance, treasury expenditures;
  • Governance Overview;
  • About the Governance Structure;
  • About the Governance Process.

2- YouTube live stream ecosystem deep dives, intended to instruct individuals about opportunities within the network, such as grants, public goods funding, tooling, and others.

3- Monthly Ecosystem Update Reports, designed to inform and keep the public updated, ensuring all builders are aware of the primary movements on the chain.

Main topics covered: (Additional relevant topics may be included)

  • Ecosystem Report;|
  • Size of the ecosystem;
  • Sector groupings;
  • Qualitative Assessment of Ecosystem tooling;
  • Individual project Highlights;
  • Subnet best projects.

The Quarterly Reports and the Monthly Ecosystem Updates will be sent to over 200,000 people, including our followers and subscribers across all social media platforms.

Currently, with almost 250,000 followers across various social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, Mercurius has significant reach and influence in the Brazilian blockchain community.

Source of truth:

All the links will be shared in the Avalanche community.

What results we expect from this milestone:

We anticipate reaching over 200,000 Portuguese native speakers, urging them to test, invest, and engage with the Avalanche community, actively participating in its social platforms and governance. Brazil, being one of the largest countries in LATAM, is experiencing growing adoption of cryptocurrencies due to favorable regulations. It would be significant to have one of the countries with the most on-chain activity interacting with Avalanche C-Chain.

Please explain how your project meets the round eligibility criteria:

It perfectly aligns with the Avalanche Community’s objective of educating Portuguese native speakers through carefully curated content. This initiative aims to empower and equip developers, students, entrepreneurs, investors, and other stakeholders for success.

How does your project benefit the Avalanche Ecosystem? Please mention any existing or upcoming partnerships:

We have been actively involved with Avalanche for several years, producing content and conducting in-depth research on the technology and its ecosystem. Additionally, we would like to provide further insight into our outreach and the members of our team.

Our strong connection with the Portuguese-speaking audience and our partnerships with leading universities are poised to elevate Avalanche to new heights in the LATAM region.

About Us:

Established in 2018 at the University of SĂŁo Paulo, Mercurius embarked on a mission to revolutionize the crypto market landscape. Pioneers of the idea that conducting fundamental analysis of cryptoassets and blockchain were possible, we sought to challenge the notion that crypto was synonymous with risky gambling, speculation, and pyramid schemes.

Our fundamental objective from inception has been to instill professionalism and integrity into an industry often perceived through a lens of speculation and uncertainty. Today, we proudly stand as the leading cryptoasset research and analysis community in Brazil, dedicated entirely to democratizing access to the blockchain market all over the country.

Articles published in all major media outlets in Brazil, including newspapers, magazines, and blogs, have recognized our groundbreaking work in the field. We have been interviewed for the first time when the topic of cryptoassets and blockchain were covered by Jornal Nacional on TV Globo, the major open TV channel in Brazil, and recognized as experts in blockchain by SBT.

Driven by our commitment to transparency and knowledge-sharing, we actively engage with a variety of stakeholders within the Brazilian ecosystem, including hubs, developers, startups, and universities. Our strategic partnerships and direct collaborations, including NearX, Ribus, USP, UERJ, UFRJ, Ibmec, among others in the technology field, allow us to not only boost knowledge about blockchain across the country but also maintain proximity to a wide range of developers, nurturing a vibrant ecosystem of creativity and innovation. Through our collaborative efforts, we strive to foster a vibrant and inclusive environment that promotes innovation and growth across the entire blockchain market spectrum.

Metrics of our social networks [Twitter, youtube, podcast, etc.]

Below are the key metrics for our social media networks, providing insights into audience reach and engagement:

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@0xmercurius

  • 97,800 subscribers
  • 378,565 views in the last 90 days
  • 94% of the audience is male
  • 84.3% of the audience is from Brazil
  • 33.4% are between 25 - 34 years old
    36.3% are between 35-44 years old
    15.9% are between 45-54 years old

Instagram: Mercurius Crypto (@mercuriuscrypto) • Instagram photos and videos

  • 51,800 accounts reached in the last 30 days.
  • 92.6% of the audience is male
  • 86.2% of the audience is from Brazil

Twitter: https://twitter.com/0xmercurius



  • Over 80,000 Subscribers

Links to our social networks metrics: Social Networks Metrics

Additional social networks:

Blockchains and projects we have worked with:

LIDO FINANCE (LDO): Microsoft OneDrive


BLUR PROFILE: Microsoft OneDrive

COSMOS PROFILE: Microsoft OneDrive

POLYGON PROFILE: Microsoft OneDrive




And Over 200 Reports and analyses.

Hold old is the project?

3 years

Please outline any prior funding sources:

  • Total prior funding in USD: N/A

Please provide a link to your public group chat (Discord or Telegram) if applicable:

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your project, previous work, or other affiliations?

Shore! Let me present our team:


Our team consists of highly skilled professionals, with extensive expertise in financial and blockchain. Among them are our esteemed instructors, who are integral members of this project. They bring extensive knowledge and hands-on experience to the table, ensuring the success and effectiveness of our initiatives. Our instructors team members for this project include:

Gabriel Bearlz - Partner / Chief Analyst

Gabriel is exceptionally knowledgeable in blockchain technology, with extensive expertise in the field, deeply immersed in researching second-layer (L2) solutions and their practical applications. With a background in the traditional financial market, including roles as a buy-side analyst at Lakewood and Navi Capital, Gabriel transitioned seamlessly into the cryptoasset space. As the first cryptoasset analyst at Mercurius Asset, he played a pivotal role in structuring the entire blockchain strategy. Now, as the leader of the analyst team at Mercurius, he continues to drive innovation and excellence in the field, providing invaluable insights and expertise to the team.

Twitter/X: https://twitter.com/gabrielbearlz
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gabrielbearlz/
Igor Costa - Analyst

Originating from Espírito Santo, Gabriel embarked on his journey with a strong foundation in electromechanics, where he actively contributed to pioneering research initiatives in automation. Upon relocating to São Paulo in 2017 to pursue Naval Engineering at USP, he concurrently engaged in high-level data analysis for PJ/PF Products at Itaú. In 2021, he started in crypto, initially venturing into mining before joining Mercurius. Armed with his exceptional skills in blockchain and crypto projects, cultivated through involvement in both national and international market endeavors, Gabriel quickly became an indispensable member to Mercurius’s esteemed cryptoasset and blockchain analysis team.

Twitter/X: https://twitter.com/0xIgor
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/igorantoniocosta/
Guilherme de Assis - Analyst

Guilherme is currently studying Information Systems and Economics. Prior to this, he worked as a systems engineer and database specialist at Sankhya, an ERP company. His journey into the world of crypto began in 2016, and in February 2022, he joined Mercurius PRO’s Crypto Analysis team, focusing specifically on infrastructure. Alongside his analytical role, Guilherme actively shares valuable insights about Blockchain in Brazil through his content production endeavors.

Twitter/X: https://Twitter.com/0xassis
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/guilherme-assis-83a97b1aa/
Nicole Haddad - Analyst

With a Bachelor of Economics Sciences from PUC SP, Nicole boasts 5 years of extensive experience in the financial market. Her journey includes roles in risk financial consulting at Itaú Unibanco, as well as analyzing companies in the retail and technology sectors at SulAmérica Investimentos and Pipeline Tech M&A. A crypto enthusiast since 2015, she seamlessly integrates her traditional financial market expertise with her exceptional knowledge in blockchain technology. This fusion of skills has empowered her to excel in cryptoasset and blockchain analysis at Mercurius since 2021.

Twitter/X: http://Twitter.com/0xHaddad
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nclhaddad/

Carlos Henrique - Analyst

Carlos started his career through fundamental analysis of companies listed on the stock exchange, at Prometheus Asset Management Jr. Intrigued by the crypto market since 2015, he joined Mercurius’ cryptoasset and blockchain analysis team in 2021, broadening his technical and dynamic understanding of the market.This transition not only expanded his technical acumen but also deepened his understanding of the rapidly evolving crypto landscape, solidifying his position as an expert in technology-driven markets.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/carloshdf/

Caio Ortega - Analyst

As a crypto analyst since 2021, Caio focuses on blockchain technology, particularly on-chain interactions and infrastructure. He’s also responsible for shaping Mercurius’ Airdrops strategy, ensuring the community stays ahead in the crypto and blockchain worlds. With his expertise and passion for innovation, he drives Mercurius towards new heights in the dynamic blockchain landscape.

Twitter/X: http://twitter.com/0xcaiocesar
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/caioortega/

Ivison Santos - Customer Support Analyst

Bringing his expertise to Mercurius as an analyst since 2022, Ivison specializes in on-chain interactions, infrastructure, and investment operations. Alongside providing specialized student support, he ensures Mercurius stays ahead in the dynamic crypto landscape with his focused approach and dedication.

Twitter/X: http://twitter.com/0x7Kief
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ivison-santos-65b03b239/

Telegram Handle (you can answer N/A):


Profiles or socials of other main team members publicly associated with the project:

Shared above.

Email Address(es): mercurius.vi@outlook.com

Payout Wallet Address (Payment on Avalanche C-Chain):