More Gaming Coming to Avalanche: Alpha Launch of The Great Library's Web3 Game on Avalanche

Hello Avalanche’s Gaming Community,

We are thrilled to announce the alpha launch of our web3 game, based on the iconic book Dracula, a re-released offering in The Great Library. The game is now live and can be accessed at

Our game is a unique blend of traditional MMORPG elements and innovative web3 features. Players sign in using both their email and Metamask wallet, create a character, and then mint a hero for it. This multi-step process connects the minted hero to your character, enabling our “game bridge” to know who to send loot to, as it is an ERC1155.u

One of the most exciting aspects of this open alpha is the introduction of specially generated items, known as Relics. These items are not only tradable on our auction house (The Great Library), but they also possess unique effects created by gpt-4, which generates novel lua scripts for every Relic.

The Great Library is a revolutionary platform that aims to disrupt the publishing industry by empowering Authors and Readers. Unlike traditional publishing platforms that take a significant portion of authors’ royalties, we allow authors to publish with us and keep 95% of their earnings.

Our game is a test case for a game based on a book, using Bram Stoker’s Dracula as the foundation. Owning bookmarks in the book leads to interesting consequences in the game. Any hero minted from a bookmark you own will result in the player receiving loot, as well as you. These bookmarks represent scenes not just in the book, but in the game as well.

The Great Library is a rich ecosystem of books, bookmarks, hardcopy digital assets, and in-game digital assets, all held together with our AVAX backed Culture Coin.

We invite you to join us in this exciting journey and experience the unique blend of literature and gaming that The Great Library offers.

Thank you for your support.

John R Raymond
Author and Head Librarian

Press p-key and then click the transmute button once you have loot.