Collaboration on Founder events

Hey team,

I lead the Gaming Startup Collective, a community of early stage Web3 gaming Founders where we share best practices, advice, and network. This month, we’re focusing on the topic of fundraising in Web3, and are inviting special guests to join our community for small-setting question and answer sessions.

First, I’d like to see if someone from the AVA Team would be interested in joining us, to talk about your chain, grants program, and how Founders should consider it for their early applications.

Additionally, I wanted to see if your team would be interested in sponsoring our month’s events. I’ve attached a document highlighting what is all in store this month.

As for me, my name is Ryan “NoAutopilot”, a Web3 gaming Founder who’s mostly worked within the IMX ecosystem, but is now aggregating industry insights in service of other builders.

Looking forward to hearing back.


Doc link - Gaming Startup Collective - Sponsorship Fundraising Month.pdf - Google Drive

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Thanks for sharing, I’ll pass this along to the team for consideration.


For additional context, here’s a recording from our session today -

Thx dub!

Edit: Don’t judge my face too harshly. I was born that way. :joy:

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