The Great Library ::

Introducing The Great Library, an innovative Web3 Book Distribution platform that revolutionizes the relationship between authors and readers. Our mission is to eradicate the boundaries set by traditional publishing models, enabling authors to claim a more substantial part of the revenue pie.

We are thrilled to announce that we have officially launched on Avalanche Mainnet, reinforcing our commitment to use cutting-edge technology to disrupt the literary landscape. One of our breakthroughs is the author/creator portal, a dedicated platform for authors to add their books to our library, offering them unprecedented control over their work.

We offer a tiered engagement model with varying degrees of interactivity:

  1. Book Level: This entry point provides access to the e-book and potential audio book version, along with basic smart contract functionality.
  2. Printed Edition NFT: This unique token, when burned, will be convertible into a physical book, elevating the token-owner’s experience to a tangible connection.
  3. Bookmarks: Think of these as property deeds in a Monopoly game. These tokens interact with the book, its related game, and overall ecosystem, enabled through our in-house currency, Culture Coin.

Unlike traditional platforms that may take a 30-70% cut, our model promotes fairness with a standard royalty of 5%. We invite you to join us as we shape the future of literature on our ever-evolving platform:

Our project, backed by AVAX and curated by authors, empowers writers to take back control and reaps the rewards their talent deserves. The Great Library is not just a platform; it’s a movement to bring about a paradigm shift in the literary world.