GOV.DAO A Secure, Modular Platform for Confidential and Efficient DAO Operations.[Quadratic Funding Round #1]


The GOV.DAO project focuses on enhancing governance within decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) by introducing a unified platform with customizable and adaptable governance frameworks. Central to its value proposition is on-chain confidentiality, ensuring that governance decisions, treasury management, and member activities are end-to-end encrypted whilst the organization can still maintain tax & regulatory compliance. The emphasis on confidentiality boosts security and makes the platform attractive to organizations with strict compliance requirements, broadening its application across sensitive and regulated sectors.

With over 30 years of experience in traditional finance and more than a decade in blockchain legal and regulatory sectors, our team uniquely positions the GOV.DAO platform to offer advanced, globally compliant DAO frameworks. This blend of traditional finance insight and blockchain regulatory expertise sets us apart, enabling the development of comprehensive and effective governance solutions tailored for our clients’ needs through the GOV.DAO DAO platform.

GOV.DAO’s DAO platform is designed as a modular solution, integrating essential DAO functionalities with off-chain and on-chain capabilities and offering a white-label solution for seamless project integration. The DAO platform is specifically tailored with modularity in mind for an array of DAO models including:

i) Investment DAOs - Catering to entities focused on collective investment strategies.

ii) Trust DAOs - Aiming at secure trust management & a new frontier for Web3

iii) Team and Operational DAOs - Supporting the operational efficiencies of project teams.

iv) Community DAOs - Facilitating engagement and governance within community-driven projects.

v) GOV.DAO’s own “Legal Governance Platform” - GOV.DAO’s proprietary solution for legal and regulatory compliance.

(Together the “DAO Use Cases”).

Solution: The DAO Platform and DAO Service Package

DAO Platform

  1. Modular and bespoke governance frameworks

  2. All in one platform integrating the core functions and requirements for a DAO

  3. Whitelabel solution for project integration and hosting

  4. Offchain and onchain functionality

  5. User friendly

DAO Service Package

The DAO service package will provide clients with all things needed to support their DAO set up including:

  1. Purchasing a .dao NFT domain name

  2. Licensing or purchasing of our DAO backend/frontend technology

  3. Corporate and legal structuring in partnership with MIDAO

  4. Implementation of bespoke privacy features: private governance, private treasury management & private & compliant expenses debit cards.

The key development target and unique selling point for GOV.DAO is that we are focussed on our core development mission of building modular and bespoke governance frameworks that can be easily adopted and if needs be amended, by a project during the establishment of their DAO.


Ecosystem Contribution

GOV.DAO Advisory are engaged in providing expertise and guidance on a top level domain ICANN application with Avvy Domains Ltd.

Project Age

Since November 2023, GOV.DAO’s DAO Platform has been active and functional, satisfying the minimum criterion of having been in operation for at least three months.

At present the company has been self funded via the founders, team sweat equity and a milestone based grant from Secret Network which amount to $40k to date.

The MVP of the DAO Platform is live on Secret Network, we would like to invite the Avalanche community to join the public testnet in our Discord server.

MVP demo video:

Benefits to Avalanche Ecosystem

Avalanche’s commitment to fostering a compliant and scalable blockchain ecosystem aligns with GOV.DAO’s expertise in navigating the complex web of Web3 legal and regulatory landscapes. This synergy promises to enhance the functionality and reach of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), leveraging Avalanche’s cutting-edge features for improved governance and efficiency.

Subnets: Allows GOV.DAO to create dedicated, customizable blockchain networks for specific DAO functionalities, ensuring scalability and compliance with regulatory standards.

Avalanche Consensus Protocol: Offers rapid transaction finality and robust security for DAO operations, enhancing decision-making processes and financial transactions.

Cross-Chain Capabilities: Our novel approach to cross chain messaging for DAO’s will allow DAO’s to easily utilise their treasury assets & conduct governance across multiple chains simultaneously.

Smart Contract Compatibility: Enables GOV.DAO to deploy complex, programmable governance structures that can be tailored to diverse DAO use cases needs, leveraging Avalanche’s Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility.

Permissionless Networks: Supports the creation of open and transparent DAO structures, while also allowing for encrypted features crucial for sensitive DAO operations.

GOV.DAO is poised to significantly contribute to the Avalanche ecosystem’s growth and innovation. This collaboration not only broadens the potential applications for DAOs but also ensures that these decentralized entities operate efficiently, securely, and in compliance with regulatory requirements, marking a significant step forward in the maturation of blockchain governance.


LinkedIn: GOV.DAO | LinkedIn
Email Address:

The Team

Oliver Smith - Founder & General Counsel
Chris Cousins - Founder & ·CFO
Bryn Bennett - Partnerships
Tom Banner - Corporate Finance Director

Technical Development: AART (ey-art) is a team of highly skilled associates with backgrounds in a range of areas such as Scientific Research, Software and Hardware Engineering, Finance, and Marketing. AART produce their own in-house products via their Labs, as well as providing Web-3 consultation for organisations.

Payout Wallet Address (Payment on Avalanche C-Chain): 0x3f85a2e3aeB67be5674E8e37bEc51F02087109a5

Thank you to the Avalanche community for your consideration, we’re excited to deepen our collaboration together & Build. Better. Governance.