Contract Address on Avalanche and account address on Ethereum

I read that c-chain is based on EVM, and the account address formation is similar to what is there on Ethereum. My question is, how is it possible that a contract address on Avalanche c-chain is an account address on Ethereum?

Example address:0x575b511C28EdB0fCB71358E8419E2C6B03642340

Etherscan: Address 0x575b511C28EdB0fCB71358E8419E2C6B03642340 | Etherscan
Snowtrace: Contract Address 0x575b511C28EdB0fCB71358E8419E2C6B03642340 | SnowTrace

Any information is appreciated


Etherscan displays addresses that don’t have a contract currently deployed to them. It isn’t possible for an address to be a contract address on one chain and an EOA on another. You can see that the address hasn’t sent any transactions itself on Etherscan.