I sent my Avalanche to my ledger and it disappeared

Hello, I sent my Avalanche from Coinbase to my polygon account in my ledger(when I tried to create Avalanche account ledger told me that it is ERC20 and I have to use my playgoers address) and it didn’t showed up there. Using Zerion I found it in wallet together with my etherium, polygon and Avalanche but when I tried to send it back to my Coinbase I couldn’t because “ledger doesn’t support Avalanche “ does that situation has a solution?

Can you please clarify this as it’s a little messy in the flow and details.

You sent AVAX token from CB along the Avalanche C-chain network to an address in your Ledger. What is this address?

Also, do you have the transaction ID from this transaction?

Yes I have those, I sent it to polygon address because ledger said I have to use polygon address for erc20 token

This is the transaction hash. The support here said they can to bridge back the transaction to my Coinbase wallet but I have to connect my ledger to the website but I won’t do that. Ledger answered me today that I have to instal 3th party wallet on my ledger and I will can have my Avalanche there. I decided just to wait now.

So you never bridged anything, you just sent AVAX along our network to another wallet. Avalanche Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | SnowTrace

Do you own 0x008f130d11446d2e5c893ab08254ee589430c1a1? I assume this is just your Ledger. If so just connect your Ledger to Core wallet or Metamask, and you’ll see the AVAX on the Avalanche network.

If you use Meta Mask and connect your Ledger just change the network to AVAX-X and it will be there!
It has been a struggle for me with AVAX & Ledger! I have one Ledger that shows AVAX on the device but not on the software. And the website says that it supports it. So here it the crazy part. My second Ledger shows AVAX on the device and the desktop software. So I also use Fastest Performing and Secure DeFi Wallet | Avalanche Wallet with the Ledger. It took a little time to figure it out but I was able to do it.

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