Get token status / How to generate txID from TX hash

I would like to get the status of (any) the transaction on the C-chain, I’m trying to use this example: getAtomicTxStatus.ts but I can’t make it work.

How / Where can I get the txID (this is a cb58 format?!) from the TX hash? Or how can I convert to TX hash to a TX ID? I can see only the Transaction Hash on snowtrace.

Thanks in advance!

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That is only for atomic transactions: Multi Signature UTXOs with AvalancheJS | Avalanche Dev Docs. Those are basically imports/export from C-Chain to other chains.

To see the status of other “normal” C-Chain txs, you can use eth_getTransactionReceipt. If it returns null , the transaction is still pending. Not sure if we have that one added to AvalancheJS.

You can also use Postman for this: Making API Calls | Avalanche Dev Docs


Thank you, it works!

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