Introducing Glacier API Beta

Hey Developers!

We’ve released the beta for Glacier API, your one-stop-shop for all enriched blockchain data for Avalanche and Ethereum and the official API service indexing Avalanche Subnets.

We will be collecting data to refine Glacier API and will be giving away 5 Avalanche Hoodies at random to developers that demo Glacier and submit User Experience surveys or bug reports via this link.

Please use this Forum post to ask questions about Glacier API, brainstorm use cases and give us suggestions.

Let’s build!


How can I retrieve export transactions from C to P chain? For example this address here: Address 0x690bd24f44a231535833e2eebc463178abc4ef2f | SnowTrace

Summing up all the AVAX transactions does not give me the right balance since it exported funds to P-chain:

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is it planned to make the api public on github?

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It would be great if you could leave a link to your Twitter, or even better, organize twitter spaces!


Sorry for the delay. Can you provide the P-Chain address for this?

Are you asking for my personal Twitter, the Glacier API Twitter?

We can definitely look into hosting a Twitter Space with Glacier builders.

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Great question, we are not planning to open source at the moment but it is something we are actively thinking about