BLOCK'd Social - A Decentralized Haven for Subnets

BLOCK’d is not just a social platform for posting. We offer a plethora of utilities for all types of communities. Currently, BLOCK’d offers social posting, DM’s, wallet 2 wallet voice/video chats, Guilds (decentralized discord), and public yet anonymous voting. We are partnered with LivePeer to bring decentralized live-streaming to the platform at an affordable cost. With our original idea of Sub-Socials, any Avax subnet could effectively have their own social hub, designed specifically for their community. We are 100% boot-strapped.

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@0xNarek thanks for submitting your application. Could you create a post in the Avalanche Community Grants forum category using the template provided there? The forum post needs to contain more information and reflect your submission on Gitcoin. Thanks!