Things Usman wants to see built on Avalanche

With the release of the HyperSDK (GitHub - ava-labs/hypersdk: Opinionated Framework for Building Hyper-Scalable Blockchains on Avalanche), there are new possibilities to build virtual machines on subnets that can handle upwards of 10-20k+ TPS in the near term.

With this, the door is open to build applications that can handle the scale of Web2 native applications (visa handling anywhere from 1700-24,000 TPS No, Visa Doesn’t Handle 24,000 TPS and Neither Does Your Pet Blockchain – Blockchain Bitcoin News)

This means that you, as a developer, have the ability to build blockchain native applications that are able to handle web2 user bases. This new potential paired with sub second finality, paired w/ a gasless relayer (wink wink) could lead to some amazing user experiences that are indistinguishable from web2 platforms with the benefits that a blockchain provides.

Some things I personally want to see:

  • Decentralized Social Platforms: No, this doesn’t mean another version of twitter (i mean… do ur thing) but I would love to see real use cases of blockchain in ways that make sense for social platforms. In this new building environment, you can build in ways that allow you to hand scaled traffic. I want to see writing platforms that allow users to host their content in immutable ways (arweave storage, etc). I want to see messaging protocols that are completely privacy based. I want to see BUILDING.

  • Decentralized Science stuff: I am a huge DeSci guy. Providing transparency to a field where research is done behind closed doors and researching funding is only conducted by what projects certain corporations choose to fund. DeSci is changing that by crowdfunding scientific research in transparent ways - lets see that being done an Avalanche. See

  • More practical financial stuff: Who cares about high APY yield farming. (playin - i know alot of people do) I want to see REAL practical stuff that i can tell my dad to use. He came here from india when he was 19 - he has to send money over there monthly and the process is a pain in the ***. Can we see some devs build easy borderless money transfer protocols that dont require folks having to jump through 30 different hoops to onboard into crypto?

  • More privacy? More ownership? More stuff that MATTERS!!!

thats my small spiel for the day - curious to hear what you all think? buildorrs i wanna hear from you


I personally would like to see IOT be leveraged with Blockchain(AVAX SUBNETS) as its companion to tokenize, incentivize, and verify proper data collection. With the vast amount of transactions that some sensors will require to store on-chain; a subnet and below average fee approach meaning you’d set in a customized min base fee and probably launch a token on the C-chain.


In the decentralized creator economy we must build smart contract platforms that incentivize better collection of data for security, trust, scalability, interoperability and ownership(skin in the game). Getting paid for doing things that bring joy into people’s lives can be incentivized web cam economy at a local surf break to

The DAO can sell that data to the government etc. To start off I’d like to see something like become gamified. Do an Airdrop etc.

Again I really agree with your statement that these high scaled Vms running on there own set of validators below the C-chain validators is a big opportunity for people wanting to bridge traditional IOT based applications into a web3 model empowering contributors and builders with gamification and verification.

NOTE: there are bluechip projects that have failed on “Claimed to be high throughput chains” including NFT drops on Solana causing chain to hault, crypto kitties, Bancor. The importance of scalability addresses improvements for any use case approach in my opinion. It seems as it can almost be a standard to avoid scalability issues in the future….

Not to mention all of the above is a given. CLOBS, AMMs, marketplaces are all going to benefit from this tech.

It doesn’t help that crypto is illegal in India. Borderless money transfers in legal regions should only be a couple of clicks from bank-to-bank via decentralized rails. Where is the next non-custody wallet & money transfer dapp with simple, intuitive UX? My grandma should be using blockchain tech to send funds, buy things, and earn yield because it is more convenient. Avalanch and subnets seem like appropriate tooling to tackle this.

Ramp came out with a compelling off-ramp solution. Circle’s USDC integration with Apply Pay seems neat. Stripe is getting involved with crypto on-ramps. Coinbase just announced their L2 “Base” chain. Even Mastercard shipped an integration yesterday.

also bullish on the next gmx combined with baabaabet

We would love to see decentralized social platforms during the next few years. At SparqNet, we believe that Avalanche subnets can bring them to life, which is why we are building infrastructure to facilitate the development of any Web3 application supporting any language with huge scalability.

Thanks, Usman! This was a great contribution.