Current Protocol Development Roadmap

I wanted to make this post to gather the thoughts of the community around what the current development roadmap looks like for the Avalanche protocol. Not everyone was at the latest Avalanche House in NYC, but here is what Patrick O’Grady shared at the end of his presentation

I want to invite a discussion from the community:

What is missing from this list? What does the community value the most?



Lazarus (community) subnets

  • Use subnets that use AVAX as currency
  • VM primitives
  • A community subnet maybe be a general utility provided that is not provided by C X or P chains
  • Eg. File storage VM. People want to use AVAX for that
  • Destroy some type of token on primary network
  • Validators can read deposits/burns , and recreate corresponding amount of token on subnet

Blockless subnet

  • If you join a subnet as validator, people could send you messages through the AppRequest/Response functions on the VM
  • That could be a relay system of just sending ephemeral data back and forth

What’s coming next?

  • Permissionless subnet staking (SHIPPED)
    • Reward participants for staking on a subnet
      • Anyone can stake on a subnet if they lock the subnet’s native token
      • Performant shakers are automatically rewarded
      • New token issuance managed by P Chain
  • Cross-subnet bridging
    • Send arbitrary data betweensubnets
      • Send messages between any subnet and primary network
      • Secured by entire primary network
  • New sdks and VMs
    • Build a VM in Rust or Deploy a WASM VM
      • SKS for more languages that make it easy to create VMs using the avalancheGO Interface
      • More off the shelf VMs anyone can deploy as a subnet

Wow I’m excited! I’ve always wanted something like filecoin/storj/arweave on avax

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Several of these features shipped in the recent Banff release.

File storage VM

Check out the SpacesVM. Authenticated, Hierarchical Key-Value Store w/EIP-712 Compatibility, State Expiry, and Fee-Based Metering. You can try it out here:

There’s also the BlobVM which is similar to SpacesVM but does away with the hierarchical, authenticated namespace, user-specified keys, and key expiry.


Avalanche is following a very interesting path with its latest releases. The next couple of years will be so interesting!

we’re all about experiencing these positive changes while building SparqNet to endorse the growth and adoption of subnets across the space.

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