[Avalanche Community Grants Quadratic Funding: [Round #1] Developers Onboarding LATAM

Proposal Title: [Avalanche Community Grants Quadratic Funding: [Round #1] Developers Onboarding LATAM

Application Questions:

Please provide an overview of the project:

We propose an Educational online and LIVE program tailored specifically for onboarding developers to Avalanche. The program will be free and aims to expand the builder base of Avalanche chain, focusing specifically Subnets and low-code Avalanche tools for Devs. It will achieve this goal by providing training and attracting more developers to the ecosystem.The execution of the entire program spans approximately four to six months and involves a dedicated team of around 13 individuals, progressing through five key steps:

Step 1: Team Preparation

During this initial phase, we thoroughly explore the challenges developers face when deploying contracts or projects. We identify opportunities within the Avalanche chain and Subnets, devise strategies to engage both new and existing developers, establish connections with universities and PR outlets, and plan strategic initiatives.

Step 2: Marketing Campaign

We launch a comprehensive marketing campaign across various channels, including social media, email platforms, community networks, and university partnerships. This campaign aims to raise awareness about the Avalanche Blockchain educational program within the Brazilian developer community, highlighting course content, technological advantages, key benefits, and ecosystem opportunities identified in Step 1.

Step 3: Registration Phase

During this stage, we facilitate the registration process for developers interested in participating in the program. We closely monitor public engagement, maintain transparency regarding public interest, and strategize on managing subsequent steps effectively.

Step 4: Educational Program Commencement

With the program’s commencement, we leverage our existing base of 6000 developers and forge partnerships with renowned universities and other technological institutions in Brazil. We also engage with other Portuguese-speaking developer communities to maximize participation. During the program, we implement gamification and engagement strategies to enhance the student experience.

Step 5: Retention Strategies

In this final phase, we focus on reinforcing ways for developers to maintain their engagement with the Avalanche Blockchain. We facilitate connections between developers and the Brazilian community, encouraging continued participation and incentivizing ongoing contributions to the ecosystem.

Our last online Program had more than 1000 developers from Brazil, Africa, and Portugal engaging deeply with the Stack through this program. All classes are provided free of charge and accessible on YouTube. Starting from the basics and progressing to deployment on the mainnet, supplemented by ongoing support provided through our Discord community.

Our aim is to enhance tooling and expand knowledge accessibility for individuals who may be restricted by language barriers or lack of awareness regarding available opportunities.

We received support from over 8 technology universities in Brazil, including UERJ, UFRJ, UFF, IBMEC, UNISUAM, ITA, and others, which significantly bolstered the event. The enthusiastic engagement of the community led to widespread coverage of our last bootcamp in major industry journals across Brazil and LATAM, including Cointelegraph, BeInCrypto, Panorama Cripto, and others.

Cointelegraph: https://br.cointelegraph.com/news/nearx-promotes-free-blockchain-course-for-brazilians-and-includes-hackathon-with-r-15k-prizes


Panorama Cripto:

Additionally, we curated an agenda featuring various community members sharing their expertise on market insights, MVP design, pitch deck creation, potential projects, and case studies. These sessions were conducted live on YouTube, with over a thousand developers actively participating.

Our last Bootcamp Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yModQgXgCdI&list=PLovMzG1Il2A14mmkz_VzbWx14QzoOa64S&ab_channel=NearXInnovationSchool

Here you can check the github of the program: GitHub - nrxschool/bootcamp-optimism: Template about Optimism Hackathon by NearX

Please explain how your project meets the round eligibility criteria:

Brazil and Latin America have demonstrated the presence of exceptional developer teams and a favorable legal landscape for cryptocurrency. Therefore, it is an advantageous location for the Avalanche chain to consider. By providing Educational free content for developers, we bring more innovation and new products to the chain.

How does your project benefit the Avalanche Ecosystem? Please mention any existing or upcoming partnerships:

We foster a dynamic community that provides support for developers to create their own products within the chain. Our next endeavor is to assist promising teams in scaling their projects within the chain.

Hold old is the project?

2 years

Please outline any prior funding sources:

  • Total prior funding in USD: 10k USD from ARB
  • Grants: 10k USD from ARB
  • VC:
  • Token Launch:
  • Sales:

Please provide a link to your public group chat (Discord or Telegram) if applicable:

Discord: NearX Innovation School

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your project, previous work, or other affiliations?

Based in Rio de Janeiro, we initially focused on in-person events but transitioned to online activations and programs in late 2023 to reach a broader audience of Portuguese speakers. Our previous in-person events have been highly successful, and our online activations have exceeded expectations. We prioritize quality and focus on one project at a time to ensure optimal outcomes.

Some of our IRL events:

Educational free speech at IBMEC University - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAK05qRizmI

(We can provide more if needed)

Also, we have produced online events for Arbitrum, Optimism, Stellar and others.

Telegram Handle (you can answer N/A):


Profiles or socials of other main team members publicly associated with the project:

  • Lucas Oliveira: Lucas is a Senior Blockchain Engineer with over 3 years of distinguished expertise across blockchain and crypto projects. Specializing in Security, he has led teams in innovative initiatives, including pioneering a credential ecosystem at ClearSale and developing a DeFi platform at Extrato DAO. With robust technical skills, Lucas is proficient in DevOps (Docker, Docker-compose, Kubernetes) and masters languages such as Rust, Python, TypeScript, and Solidity. Lucas holds a Master’s degree in cryptography and has worked on national and international Blockchain market projects.


  • Pedro Magalhães: Pedro is an experienced software developer, skilled in PHP, Python, JavaScript, Rust and Solidity. He excels in developing decentralized applications (Dapps), contributing to international companies through the creation and auditing of smart contracts. In addition to his practical work, Pedro is also an active content producer, sharing valuable insights about Blockchain and the impact of DREX technology on the Brazilian landscape. His ability to combine technical knowledge with effective communication positions him as a prominent professional at the forefront of Blockchain innovation.


  • Clarice Hatischvili: As an Smart Contracts developer with a deep passion for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, Clarice holds significant influence, particularly among women and transgender individuals aspiring to learn blockchain coding.


The full team working on the project:

Caio de Mattos - CEO- Universities and partners connections

Carlos Alberto - Operations

Manoel Lúcio - Dev Lead

Gabriel Vasconcelos - Marketing lead

Adilson Oliveira - Full Stack Developer

Clarice Hatischvili - Dev Suport

Renan Novais - Community Manager

André Novaes - Recording and Editing

Matheus Muniz - Design

Thiago Mattos - Suport

Lucas Bispo - Teacher and Coordinator

Iza Pereira - Content Creation

Pedro Magalhaes - Teacher

Email Address(es):


Payout Wallet Address (Payment on Avalanche C-Chain):