We desperately need a betting dapp with liquidity


I’ve been using Polygon and Avalanche - both my choice since 2021. In the end of 2022 promised myself that I will pick an allegiance with one, and have chosen Avalanche - for reasons not worth mentioning in this thread.

I am a betting person and the one thing that I have continued using in Polygon is Polymarket and recently bookmakers.xyz. I think sports betting is one thing Polygon has done exceptionally well, especially bookmakers with a shared liquidity pool, much like GLP for betting. Sports betting will be a mainstay in web3 and Avalanche will need to grow this sector to stay relevant against (or one up) Polygon. Arbitrum has a tone of betting DApps but I do not think they are relevant of of now as those are DApps are professional betting DApps and is still far from attracting web3 people, apart from using crypto as wager. So for now, we should focus against Polygon.

Avalanche has BaaBaaBet, which am following since world cup, I believe it is second to none when it comes to ease-of-use and interactiveness but seriously lacks on liquidity. There should be some conscientious effort to grow betting.


Thank you @CaesarJulius0 for the Twitter mention! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Happiness aside, I hope we can really do this right.

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Good point. I think the Avalanche team needs to check on this sector because it brings a lot of new users to this particular chain.

There are many betting platforms on Arbitrum and Polygon, but most of them suck in terms of UI and UX. It is a good thing that Avalanche is not the first mover in this sector, so the task will be moving their users to Avalanche.

I have tried Baabaabet as well, and I think there are a few things that they can improve on:

  • adding a shared liquidity pool as @Gorillaz mentioned
    It will be great if the Avalabs team can do something on this as well.
  • adding a cross-chain bridge (i.e., LayerZero) to pull in all the $ from other chains to Avalanche.

Imagine if Avalanche can allocate a percentage of Avalanche Rush or other subsidies to this idea.
Users bridge their tokens to Avalanche and interact with this betting platform contract (adding liquidity or placing bets), and they will earn AVAX. There will be a huge wave of users.

In addition to that, Baabaabet has a very simple platform, and it can encourage users to play there (growing transaction numbers organically). It will be a win-win for all.

P.S. I am not a team member and do not endorse them either. I just an Avalanche user and fan, and I think this has huge potential to grow the user base.


Hi @martine is it possible to do cross chain bets, eg: ZKSync and Avalanche betting in the same pool.

I do not know what is the team’s plan (i am only a supporter here), but it sounds good and bring many users from other chain.

My play for a multi-chain future for apps on Avalanche, and bet on specific chains.
Cross-chain protocols will be HUGE.