My suggestions for Avalanche’s ecological operation and community building, after researching BNB Chain/Polygon and otherLayer1 chains


My personal web2 experience is mainly based on market strategies and events, so some insights about the market may be narrow, welcome to discuss.

I learned crypto in 2016 and participated in the avalanche in April 2021. I am also the only avalanche influencer in the Chinese market. I have introduced the principles of avalanche and many other ecological projects in depth. Link: How to Avalanche|拆解AVAX,从共识,到平台,再到子网subnet,最近的动态与项目分享 - YouTube

Because I am a native Mandarin speaker, please forgive me for some mistakes in English grammar.

The main purpose of posting this post is to share the “differences in the operational focus of different Layer1 chains” that I researched. At the same time, I think that without discussing technology, many avalanche operation modules still need to be greatly improved. Therefore, as a loyal avalanche fan, I especially want to communicate with you in the forum.

First share a picture, based on the official website, and map the operation modules of several Layer1 chains.

1. For Developer: avalanche only tells you how to build through docs, Instead of telling you why avalanche is the best and providing handy instructions.

Although technological innovation is an important factor to attract developers, it is also very necessary to better complete the onboarding work for technical personnel. I think the onboarding materials should at least include:

-Complete development documents and use cases, document/GitHub, and other necessary materials;
-Convenient development tools and selection guidelines;
-Technical forum to share and solve technical problems.

In addition, BNB Chain/Polygon/Solana is also very clear and categorized to show developers the various types of tools that can be used to develop on their own network, such as ar\pyth\thegraph, etc. For avalanche, we seem to have only a very boring document. It’s as if you met someone with a good first impression. When you dated for the first time, you directly told him what the terms of marriage would be, instead of continuing to tell me what good terms I have.

2. Ecosystem: What is the positioning of core wallet, and why should ecology be viewed on the core wallet web?

The common practice in this part is to clearly list the project categories, but avalanche imports all the entries of the ecosystem into the core wallet instead of the official website, which seems a bit strange. Because core should also belong to the ecosystem.

I guess the purpose of avalabs is that when users understand the ecosystem, they can link their wallets and directly experience these dapps, which is more convenient. Seems like a good idea, if so, my suggestions are:

-Do dapp’s built-in browsing, and don’t let users jump out of the core to use other dapps;
-Improve the classification. There are still many problems with the classification of the core app, such as two gaming filters, play 2 earn being a meaningless classification, etc.;
-It is recommended to refer to the growth path of bitkeep, relying on high-frequency activities and user fission mechanism, it has already achieved the head of the crypto wallet.

In addition, in terms of operation, bnb chain is building its own ecological sector with the idea of “app store”. You can understand it as DappRadar, which includes the information + comment function. After the ecological projects are enriched, more exposure opportunities will be given to the projects.

3. Community, we have never had a conversion mechanism for avalanche users to become our evangelists

When it comes to this issue, some friends will say, why rely on avalabs for this matter? rather than the community itself. I think that if early community building is not promoted by centralization, it will be difficult to establish a good one. For reference, bnbchain, solana, and polygon are all promoted by centralized teams.

First of all, avalanche community can only see social media + forum at present, and occasionally see event information on official Twitter. I think a complete community operation module should at least include:

-Community News: Tell everyone what’s new in the community, not just official important news
-Social media:Tell people how to join the community
-Community Forum: a space for users to discuss
-Events List: Let users know where there are activities to participate in

Last month, giraffe talked about this issue on Twitter. It seems that avalabs don’t support the avalanche community very much. avalabs do support it, but I think we can do more. It is very important to organize spontaneous activities in the community and give loyal community members some roles to let them know that they are being seen, gaining a sense of accomplishment and rewards, so that loyal users can become your evangelists better.

Almost all leading projects have ambassador plans. BNB Chain and Solana have formulated the Martians Program and The Collective respectively. But avalanche hasn’t taken any action yet, which also means that we don’t have many events to list, or news from the user community to share.

In addition to Developer, Ecosystem, and Community, I would like to share some other public chain cases for the expansion of avalanche for reference:

BNB Chain has no technical highlights, so they focus on operations. In addition to the Martians Program for the community, there are often MVB recommendations, incubation registration, etc. for developers; at the same time, in order to snatch developers from other ecosystems, BNB Chain has added a Migrate (migration) module on the Internet to guide them.

In fact, this is the same for avalanche. We not only want to grab new users, but also educate users on how to migrate to avalanche and compete with existing developers; or cultivate early teams through the incubation plan.

Polygon has done a lot of technical integration. In addition to taking advantage of the side chain narrative, as far as I know, they have a team of 200+ BDs, who are connected to almost all kinds of DAOs and enterprise resources, and provide very considerate services. So there will be brands such as Nike and Starbucks to cooperate with them. For avalanche, we may not have such a huge bd team.

Therefore, I think it is possible to focus on breaking benchmark cases and doing a good job in case studies. At present, the case of the subnet is mainly gamefi, and I hope there will be more scenes; and even for the subnet of gamefi, we rarely share and follow up on their situation after using the subnet, and do continuous technical dissemination and interpretation. It also needs to be improved.

Aptos is very young, but they know to start with the developer/project first, because the grant entry is given in the first-level directory of the official website, and there are clear rules and explanations.

But on the other hand, our multiverse currently leads to a medium, it doesn’t say the specific screening rules and what categories there are. And the biggest problem is that it seems that the threshold is too high. It is more like a very good project to apply for awards (at least dfk/swimmer gives people this feeling) rather than seeking grant help. Therefore, early projects will not come, and good projects will not put avalanches as a high priority (because avalanche does not currently have many users).

In this case, in addition to making plans such as multiverse more transparent in terms of rules, standards, rewards, etc., it is also recommended to use part of the operating expenses of the multiverse for small-scale grants, education, incubation, etc. I know that both quantity and quality are important, but it is obvious that we do not have quantity. We use small incentives to stimulate the vitality of the community, maintain exposure, and let the community/developers continue to know that there are incentives and the atmosphere is good.

The above is just a suggestion from a loyal user of avalanche, welcome to discuss in DM.


These are some interesting talking points. Will share it out with the team.


Appreciate the well-thought-out response Zolo. A lot of these areas of concern we’re actively addressing as we speak!

As a part of the marketing team, I can speak on marketing/community-related progress. Excuse me as this will be fairly short in response, but I’m hoping some of the longer-term updates will be thorough.

- Community News: Tell everyone what’s new in the community, not just official important news

  • Can you expand on what you mean by this? What type of new info are you suggesting.

- Social media: Tell people how to join the community

  • Right now, starting with the developer community, we’re rethinking better ways to cultivate healthy, productive communities. Discord is simply not the answer, unfortunately. Good for customer support and quick responses, but not great for long-term, productive discussions like the one we’re having. Plan to see the Avalanche Forum really take off in the next quarter or so as we drive a lot of effort into making it a place for strong discourse.

- Community Forum: a space for users to discuss

  • Would this be different from what we have here?

- Events List: Let users know where there are activities to participate in

  • This is underway in the new website update :slight_smile:

This entire thread has been shared with the appropriate leads at Ava Labs, and we are assessing ASAP. We’ll have a plan of action ready based on how best we can prioritize. In the meantime, please share any more thoughts here or via DM on Twitter.


Thanks a lot for sharing, I agree with most of it. Community needs to be enabled and engaged, this needs a regionally adjusted promotional strategy.

-Community members are engaged when they play a meaningful role in both the decision-making process and the implementation of projects that affect them.

Here’s a paper from 1973 just to back my claims :smiley:

Maybe communities mirror the protocols? Solana has one chain; more centralized community. Avalanche has subnets; maybe by nature the community around avalanche will always be more decentralized and difficult to coalesce.

Great contribution! :clap: