BaaBaaBet - Predictions DApp

We’ve got you on top of the list bro :vulcan_salute:

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I betted and really enjoyed it, beautiful!

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Guys, we are working on a new functionality that I would love your opinion.

The idea is to allow anyone to create their own predictions.
Say Peter wants to create a prediction “Will Trump win elections?” and post on the platform. It will require $BAA DAO tokens and/or $Sheep NFT.



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“open-source” predictions seems great to me. However, I am more concerned about the oracle in use. Could you share some details about it?

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straight to the point!

The initial design works through a multisig whereby a few addresses are responsible to validate a certain outcome.
We plan to use the same approach for “open-source” predictions, but a neutral consensus-like architecture has to be considered so the validators/multisig are not let to fraud the result. There should also be a established council to resolve disputes in such events.

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Not pushing back at all, I perfectly understand the project is early stages of development.

Oracles are non-trivial to implement, especially for off-chain data. Only major issue I see is, if there is an influx of users, this method won’t be able to scale gracefully.

Work in progress, in the meantime will have some fun testing it out! :+1:

Naturally I can think of Chainlink but there isn’t event-like predictions such as football game. Chainlink likely thought of that but maybe? feel that these game-like and event-like predictions are better done off-chain.

Those are great contributions @Tiago_S and @Gorillaz , thank you!

While is true that there are a few oracles options out there, our challenge in using those is that our community might create predictions that extrapolates the standards. If we are talking about sports and elections that’s fine - standard oracles can support it.

But I believe that the type of predictions our community will propose should go far beyond it. Hence, the community itself shall be the oracle

Love your comments :100:

@jaykeepwin much appreciated. What do u mean community itself shall be the oracle?

Different addresses (say 5 addresses) should be assigned to verify the result, if a majority achieve a consensus than the prediction is settled. There might be flaws in this method but we can create mechanisms to mitigate it, like open disputes and have a council to verify it.

Awesome engagement on that guys.

I’ve been constantly placing bets along the worldcup and very anxious to see whats comes next.

I think its an interesting approach to initially focus on “win/lose” only but as the platform matures will be important to have different types of predictions for a match, such as “Will Messi score?” and things like that.

Team BaaBaaBet here!

We finally launch v0.2 a few hours ago, an in v0.2 we have

  1. Custom bet builder, you’ll be able to create bets once you accrue 1000 $Baa DAO tokens
  2. NFL bets, highly requested by Avax BD team :slight_smile:
  3. Chikn NFT claims $Sheep, Owners of certain Chikn NFT can claim $Sheep NFT for free!
  4. EPL bets, English Premier League is her!

Pretty amazing! I’m placing bets on NFL games and luv it

In addition to the v.02 we have also added support to Core Ap.

Would be great if you guys can test and different browsers so we can have make sure that is working smoothly.

Enjoy, fam! :smiley:

Our BD team has been taking a close look at Baabaabet and it really feels like a friendly prediction dApp for sports and other activities. It definitely provided a lot of fun times during the World Cup :soccer:

Maybe the BaaBaaBet team will be interested in our upcoming infrastructure for highly scalable and language-agnostic Avalanche subnets. We are open to discussion!

Sharing my first experience here with Baabaabet. It is very simple and easy to use. I bet this platform can bring massive degen users to Avalanche (if supported with great marketing).

Add more games, team!

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I just want to say again it’s been fun using BaaBaaBet. I am looking forward to the Grammys prediction.

Suggestions that there is a fairness mechanism so that people don’t bet with favourable info as the wager draws to the dateline, this will be unfair to the bettors that betted early. Maybe some sort of reward for the early bettors to compensate for “early bet risk” would be helpful. The best of course is to secure the odds once u betted but that will require the team to come out with money to lock-in.

Thanks again, and remember to post the grammys bet!

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Yes, i think the rewards for the early bettors will be beneficial, especially for the event bets.

As an example: in the @Jay Saber prediction pool, it is unfair for users who bet in the beginning, since the risk is the highest.

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One month later and the platform has developed much more.

I can see more pools and liquidity these days. Is there any plan to work with Avalabs to add rewards for players? I believe this kind of project can bring many new users and transactions.

For example, instead of $Baa token, Baabaabet can reward $AVAX tokens for first time users / core wallet users (work with Avalanche Rush program). The objective is to bring new people to Avalanche by using simple dapps like this.

This project has huge potential, we can refer to Polymarket on Polygon. Baabaabet is more simple and user-friendly.

@Jay @usman

I really appreciate BaaBaaBet, and shared my 2 cents on challenges for betting market for Avax.