Watchers AI [ACG - Quadratic Funding Round #1]

[Quadratic Funding Round #1] Watchers AI


WatchersAI is a groundbreaking analytics and monitoring platform tailored specifically for the Avalanche blockchain. As the foremost and most comprehensive analytics tool available since Avalanche’s inception, WatchersAI empowers users to monitor blockchain activities in real-time with unparalleled precision.

At its core, WatchersAI enables users, known as “Watchers,” to gain deep insights into on-chain activities, transactions, and interactions. Through an intuitive interface and advanced analytical capabilities, Watchers can track asset movements, identify patterns, and contribute to the de-anonymization of blockchain activities.

Key features of WatchersAI include:

Real-Time Monitoring: WatchersAI provides real-time monitoring of the Avalanche blockchain, allowing users to stay updated on the latest transactions and movements.

User-Friendly Interface: With simple dashboards and intuitive navigation, WatchersAI offers a user-friendly experience, making blockchain data accessible to users of all levels of expertise.

Advanced Analytics: Leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as data aggregation, pattern recognition, and mass combing, WatchersAI ensures that no detail goes unnoticed, enabling users to uncover insights and trends with precision.

Tagging System: Users can create tags for wallets, transactions, or activities on the blockchain. These tags undergo fact-checking by admins and, once approved, become visible to everyone, facilitating easier data interpretation.

API Integration: WatchersAI offers an API that empowers developers to integrate additional information, security scores, and tagged data related to their products, enhancing the capabilities of their platforms.

By providing a comprehensive suite of tools for blockchain analysis and monitoring, WatchersAI plays a crucial role in advancing transparency, security, and innovation within the Avalanche ecosystem. With its commitment to continuous improvement and contribution to the community, WatchersAI remains at the forefront of blockchain analytics on Avalanche.

Eligibility Criterias

Project Area: Our project is an analytics and chain exploration tool developed exclusively for the Avalanche network. By offering comprehensive insights into on-chain activities, WatchersAI significantly contributes to the analytics aspect of the Avalanche ecosystem, enhancing transparency and understanding.

Ecosystem Contribution: WatchersAI has a proven track record of contributing to the Avalanche ecosystem by providing projects and individuals with a comprehensive view of on-chain activities. With our user-friendly experience, we’ve facilitated better understanding and engagement with blockchain data, fostering a more informed and empowered community within the ecosystem.

Project Age: WatchersAI has been live and operational since November 2023, meeting the minimum requirement of being at least three months old. Since its inception, it has garnered a strong social presence and has actively engaged with the community, providing valuable insights into blockchain activities on the Avalanche network.

Benefits to Avalanche Ecosystem

Enhanced Transparency and Security: By providing real-time monitoring and analysis of blockchain activities, WatchersAI contributes to the transparency and security of the Avalanche network. Users can identify suspicious activities, track asset movements, and contribute to the de-anonymization of blockchain transactions, thereby enhancing overall network integrity.

Facilitation of Data Interpretation: With its user-friendly interface and advanced analytics capabilities, WatchersAI simplifies the interpretation of blockchain data for users. The tagging system allows for easier categorization and understanding of on-chain activities, promoting greater accessibility and usability of blockchain data.

Support for Innovation and Development: WatchersAI’s API integration empowers developers to enhance their products with additional blockchain-related information and insights. This support for innovation fosters the development of new applications and services within the Avalanche ecosystem, driving further growth and adoption.

Partnerships and Collaborations: WatchersAI actively seeks partnerships and collaborations within the Avalanche ecosystem to further its mission of advancing blockchain transparency and security. While specific partnerships may vary, WatchersAI is committed to collaborating with projects, developers, and organizations to enhance the overall ecosystem.

Project’s Age

5 months old.

Started development early 2023
Launched Public Beta: 10 Nov 2023
Launched v1.0: 25 Mar 2024

Total prior funding in USD: 0$

Affiliations: No.

Telegram Handle: N/A

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Super bullish on Watchers. They’ve also helped us (MadSkullz) by providing amazing on-chain data perfectly formatted for our different trackers and reward program!