Introduce Yourself and Project

Hey y’all Bourbin here from the MCVerse team. More details on that another time.

I thought we could use this forum as a great place to start and meet more of the AVALANCHE community who are engaged at a deeper level with the network.

Twitter, Discord, and the other social media outlets are great for massive communication but they can get a little messy or noisy.

So, if you are a developer, community member, supporter of AVALANCHE and the ecosystem on the main chain or a sub chain feel free to introduce yourself.

For devs and biz devs, please do not shill a project by copy, cut and pasting link after link. Instead take a min and give a short description of your project followed by a twitter link.

For community members and supporters of the chain, drop what you think is something AVAX is doing really well, why you like the chain and add your TWITTER link and I’ll give you a follow.

Looking forward to seeing the different projects, views and engagement.



Hey Bourbin!

Will kick off the request. I work on the Ava Labs team! Let’s see who else keeps the chain going…


Jay, nice to meet you! Thanks for popping the gate open, greatly appreciated.



Very great use case for Blockchain and NFTs! Looking forward to following along in your journey.


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Hey there bourbs!!
Glad to see you on the forum just your friendly neighborhood Rags poppin by to say what’s up?!? Let’s rock the avalanche life!!


Love the project. Please deliver on racing & farms. Thanks for all your hard work.

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Hi everyone! :small_red_triangle:

I’m Bomba from the DGNX team. We’re a DAO project with renounced, audited contracts and doxxed core members.

Everythings is handled by the DAO where every DegenX investor can propose and vote on the on-chain voting platform Tally | DegenX Ecosystem

Introducing liquidity backing as one of our main USP. We will be the first project on avalanche to have an Ever-increasing market price floor and ever-increasing minimum value.

There is a lot more happening in the background. But for now i just want to connect with you guys.

Here are some links if you want to have more infos about DGNX. Feel free to dm me on telegram



Yo! Rasta thanks for saying hi brotha.

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Thanks for the support! Farms are in final UI|UX Dev and racing beta not far behind!


Bomba that’s great news! The doxxxx is a nice touch, helps settle some of the unrest that new adopters feel when getting into Anon projects. Our core team is also doxed and we dox all of our second layer team members too.

Keep up the great work.

Bourbin :tumbler_glass:

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I trust you guys. Been with you since Wenlambo mint on H1 and of course minted muscle cars cause I believe in you and support the project. Good luck and please keep going until we all make it.

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Hey I’m Octave, I am the founder of Valha ( an open-source DeFi abstraction layer for developers.
We are willing to develop a DeFi features natively within the wallets interface. The principal goal is to expand and facilitate the user experience within the Avalanche DeFi ecosystem.

Here is a demo of what we have done so far:

Our motivation
My experience in DeFi has always been fragmented across several platforms.

It is difficult to keep track of our funds, tedious to invest in sophisticated and different front-ends and also dangerous to land on scam websites or hacked front-ends.

Besides, it is time consuming for developers to rebuild and maintain protocol integrations. The easier option is to create a redirect link or implement a browser.
Then we wanted to bring innovation by making this integration experience as simple as possible and offer the best possible interface to end-users.

How it works underneath

A. Valha aggregates dozens of protocols on different verticals (RWA, Lending, MM, Bridge etc.) to facilitate integration with yield-generating strategies.

B. Today, Valha is an API:
When you press the invest/stake button

  1. Wallet sends a request to Valha
  2. Valha sends calldata back to the wallet (like 1inch or 0x is doing for swapping)
  3. The wallet executes the calldata

While an API is by nature closed source, we have taken a transparent and open approach by making much of our infrastructure open-source (GitHub - Valha-xyz/valha-defi-connectors: Gather common integrations to DeFi protocols to make DeFi easier ).

C. Also, we are currently designing and battle testing a 100% onchain version of the API that works within a smart contract router, an associated registry and a multicall execution contract (‘the batcher’). Thus you would be able to deposit and stake directly in pools from any kind of protocol in a 1-click process

If you’re interested in this solution and working closely or on Avalanche wallets, I’d be happy to get in touch with you to see how we could collaborate.


Hi everyone,

My name is Federica and I am the Marketing Associate at Umbrella Network, a decentralized oracle that aims to bring massive data on chain.

I am excited to introduce our project to the Avalanche community.

Umbrella Network is a community-owned decentralized oracle service providing secure, low cost, and highly scalable data solutions to blockchain applications.

Our unique feature is a Merkle Tree architecture that gives us the possibility to batch data points, including a broad range of data including mid and long tail crypto assets, and the ability to request any data feed to be added to our Merkle Tree.

With us you:

• would not need to pay hefty oracle fees to write data on-chain .

• bring any dataset on-chain, such as GameFi / Web 3 gaming, from economic & financial to weather or sports data.

We are also excited to announce that we have launched a grant program to support web3 projects, in particular the AVAX ones.

This program confirms Umbrella’s commitment to fostering reliability and security in the blockchain space and encouraging the the most innovative companies who are building the future of decentralized applications on the blockchain.

We look forward to get in touch with the Avalanche community and receive lots of applications!



My Name is Morty, same project as Bomba here :star_struck:

So last year September we launched our DegenX ecosystem. Since then we introduced a DAO and are working on our Liquidity Backing!

Liquidity backing is one of our main USP. We will be the first project on avalanche to have an Ever-increasing market price floor and ever-increasing minimum value.


Happy to be here :100: :small_red_triangle:


Hello everyone,

We are SparqNet, and we build infrastructure for creating Avalanche subnets within our metanetwork that can reach up to 400k TPS, being language-agnostic. Our team is currently working toward the launch of the testnet—more details to be announced soon :zap:

Here’s our website!


Hi Everyone

I am Brad McFall
Dexalot’s Community Marketing Lead.

I am gonna hang around here and talk all things Dexalot.
I have been invested and involved with Avalanche all the waay back to the
testnet testing phase and loved every day of it!

My background is in evolutionary theory from Cornell
and I would like to investigate if Gokhan Arıkan’s thesis
holds up with Dexalot data but in the meantime…

my days are filled working on building up Dexalot’s international
community. We have language support groups in Turkish, Chinese, Spanish,
Vietnamese, Hindi, and Indonesian. These groups are all very active
exploring and explaining Dexalot on Telegram, Discord and Medium.

Our Avalanche Subnet is on the way and I will post about it in due time.
Thanks for being such a powerful partner!!


Hi Everyone, I am Leo, first of my name. Go Avalanche!

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This is great! I plan on learning more over the next few days and then playing around with the product! Thank you for sharing.

Another great idea! With all these projects building on AVAX, it’s hard not to get excited about the future. Looking forward to watching you build.

Interesting concept, looking forward to seeing this develop over time!