Token Virtual Machine Built Using HyperSDK

Patrick O’ Grady is going off with the new HyperSDK and building virtual machines left and right.

the latest one?

A virtual machine hyper optimized to mint/swap fungible and non fungible tokens.

Learn more here:

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Straight machine:

Hey Patrick, thanks for making this example available. It’s great!

One thing I’m looking to figure out and to confirm I understand the purpose of HyperSDK correctly.

How could we bridge correctly a minted token from tokenVM to a subnet? In a simple way could I have a Smart Contract that connect both representations ?

Hey Splat!

The purpose of the HyperSDK is to make it easy to create use case specific blockchains and virtual machines that are meant to be super high performant.

The TokenVM is a great example of that with a blockchain with the orderbook baked into the virtual machine.

In the future, the goal is for some implemntation of Avalanche Warp Messaging will facilate transfers between subnets (with different VMs) to the C-Chain or other subnets. In terms of smart contracts - it would most likley have to be the same smart contract language if that was the methodology use.