Looking for HyperSDK documentation


I’ve been searching for documentation on HyperSDK to kickstart my understanding of it. While I did find the project’s Git page and some articles, accessing the actual documentation proved elusive. Given HyperSDK’s active development, does this mean that formal documentation hasn’t been established yet?

Having been out of a formal job for a month, I’m eager to utilize this time to enhance my skills in blockchain technology. The combination of Avalanche and HyperSDK has caught my interest, particularly as I aspire to upgrade my abilities to launch a layer 1 blockchain with a custom VM. Over the past five years, I’ve worked with a Danish startup, aiding them in setting up their security tokens (STO) platform. This platform deploys real estate assets across multiple blockchains, including various EVMs, Ravencoin, Polymesh, Stellar, and more. I’ve gained extensive experience in launching security tokens, having developed a custom STO token based on ERC1404 for EVM. Now, I’m eager to expand my expertise and delve deeper into launching custom blockchains.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance in getting started and guidance on technical questions that may arise during the process.

Ofcourse i am also looking for work / project

Thank you,

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The github will be the most accurate source as it is still being developed.

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