Subnets as a scaling solution

Subnets have been the trend :chart_with_upwards_trend: lately, what do you guys think, what is the possibilities of this major Avalanche technology?
Do you see it as infinite to solving scalability problem?

Let’s talk about this.


Of course they can, but they need interoperability which would make apps blockchain-agnostic.

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The technology of subnets is great, now we need to attract developers/users who want to use them with concrete uses.

As soon as a subnet becomes a resounding success, adoption will be easier, there will be a concrete example of what can be done with it.

Until then, we must continue to integrate new languages, optimise, democratise its use and attract developers.


We started developing our subnet in Q3 last year, and one of our team members wrote an article on why we opted for the subnet and what was done so far. I believe that we are the first project of this kind using subnets.

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The technology is just amazing! We took Subnets of subnets as a concept and worked with it to create SparqNet so builders can leverage its infrastructure to create highly scalable and language-agnostic subnets.

We can’t wait to see what builders create with our product! Our upcoming testnet will surely be interesting :rocket: