The Wait Is Over: Core Mobile for iOS Is Here!

Core mobile has finally arrived for iOS users, offering an unparalleled and secure crypto experience on-the-go to over 1 billion people worldwide. :owl:

Core mobile for iOS completes the Core product suite, providing a seamless multi-chain experience across all platforms. Whether you prefer the browser extension or the web portfolio, Core has got you covered with its suite of products.

Do you have suggestions for new features? Share your ideas in the comments below!


LFG!! Game changer for the Avax ecosystem.

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Great job, the level of support and involvement in Avalanche will grow with each release of unique and high-quality products!

Amazing! We really appreciate Core as a super solid wallet alternative :rocket:

Great news.
Will there be a Ledger option on ios app too?
I can only see recover wallet via phrase.

Finally! Congrats team!

Can I use Core Mobile as a browser wallet?
How can I use Core to touch dapps on my phone?

Does the core wallet offers white-labelling for customised needs?