The Power of CoreApp

:fire::exploding_head: Yoo, have you heard about Core mobile? It’s giving us the power to access the #Avalanche DeFi ecosystem on-the-go! :iphone:

Can you even imagine how convenient that is?! No more waitin’ to get back to your desk to manage your crypto. With Core, you can do it anytime, anywhere. :raised_hands:

And the best part? Bridgin’ Bitcoin and Ethereum has never been easier. :rocket: Ready to experience the power of the Avalanche Bridge in the palm of your hand?

So, what do ya say? Are you ready to join the Core fam and take control of your crypto game like never before? :moneybag::muscle: Download now -

Need a little help getting started? Check out this tutorial on how to bridge using Core mobile :point_right: How to Bridge Bitcoin in Core Mobile - YouTube

Let’s do this! :rocket::boom: