Avax Ledgerlive support

I’m not sure if this should be a question for ledger. But does anyone know why we are unable to manage avax on ledger live? I’m looking for a hardware wallet that i can manage with mobile.

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I’m having a great experience using both https://wallet.avax.network and Core.app on desktop, haven’t tried mobile yet. Will wait for a Core.app mobile release for a full ecosystem experience. I guess you could use MetaMask in the interim for the C-Chain.

Ledger Live will not display Avax natively as it requires a 3rd party wallet, but the security is still there.

Maybe try Core using mobile browser? That’s a fun experiment, will give it a go

So I connected a Ledger X via bluetooth to Ledger Live on the mobile, and tried Core.app on the browser. Says “connected”, but it does not reflect.

MetaMask and Ledger integration is scheduled for Fall '22 it seems, so it should be around the corner, if not already

Source: Ledger & MetaMask Strengthen Partnership: Ledger Nano X Soon Compatible with MetaMask Mobile App | Ledger

This is more on the Ledger team’s side, but is a known feature we’re actively working on.

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Possible for us to get Ledger’s attention?, we ain’t small.

There’s conversations on getting AVAX natively shown in Ledger Live, I’m not sure of dates though.