MPEPE <> Avalanche Strategic Collaboration


We suggest that Avalanche considers backing MPEPE through their Grants program. MPEPE aims to provide Grantors and Grantees with a comprehensive toolkit to make the grants process easier, more efficient, and more transparent for everyone involved.

MPEPE is a decentralized application (Dapp) called a BNB/CAKE/MPEPE mining Rewards Pool, operating on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platform. It offers a potential return on investment of up to 12% daily for a lifetime through MPEPE Miner Pools.

Brief Introduction:

The MPEPE smart contract is designed to deliver high returns

miner pepe is the first mining Meme Coin on Binance Smart Chain allow its users to earn lifetime rewards through mining without any need of graphic cards and spend too much cost to earn rewards all will be done by the Miner pepe smart contracts.

Just deposit your BNB, cake and MPEPE tokens into the miner pool and earn 12% daily rewards for the whole life.

Miner Pools:

MPEPE provides various Pools for Mining,Available Pools are CAKE , BNB and MPEPE.

What makes MPEPE unique is that it doesn’t mandate its own project token for the CAKE and BNB pools. Consequently, participants in these pools receive returns in the currency they invested, eliminating the risk of token depreciation. Moreover, the major cryptocurrencies staked in these pools are protected from significant market fluctuations.

Available Pools:

At the moment, the MPEPE protocol offers three Pools where users can earn lifetime rewards and will integrate more Pools in the eco system.

$MPEPE Pool:

In this pool, users lock up their $MPEPE tokens in the pool and receive MPEPE tokens in return, which can provide up to 12% daily return on investment In MPEPE token for Lifetime.

BNB Pool:

In this pool, users lock up their BNB in the pool, which can provide up to 12% daily return on investment In BNB token for Lifetime.

CAKE Pool:

In this pool, users lock up their CAKE in the pool, which can provide a 12% daily return on investment In CAKE token for Lifetime.

** Specifications**

We suggest that Avalanche enhance its current grants program by incorporating MPEPE to manage grant applications from the Avalanche community. MPEPE can facilitate the distribution of grant funds through the Avalanche “Grant” mechanism.

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