Breaking the Mold: A Revolutionary New Way to Use Bitcoin in DeFi

Yo, word on the street is that $BTC.b is the move for anyone looking to use Bitcoin in DeFi without selling their assets. People are catching on, and $BTC.b is seeing new highs in circulating supply. All you gotta do is transfer your Bitcoin using @CoreApp and you’ll get $BTC.b in return. Then you can use it in all the sick DeFi dApps on Avalanche and get yield without worrying about unreliable minting and redeeming. Plus, you can deposit $BTC.b, set it and forget it, and get 1.6% APY on @AaveAave, 1.8% APY on @BenqiFinance, and 3.5% APY on @Platypusdefi. And for even more liquidity, you can borrow with Bitcoin as collateral in just a few clicks. #easymoney #btc #defi