Hello Avalanche community,

We’re excited to introduce AMI, a project dedicated to boosting the exposure and support for meme coins on the Avalanche network. With over 25 meme coin liquidity pools, most of which are co-funded by the founders of these meme coins, AMI is here to create a vibrant ecosystem for meme coin enthusiasts.

Our Objectives

  1. Increase Exposure: Our primary goal is to bring more visibility to meme coins through strategic initiatives and community engagement.
  2. Technical Assistance: We provide technical support to meme coin projects, helping them with various development needs.
  3. Liquidity Pools and Arbitrage: Multiple LPs generate arbitrage opportunities, increasing volume and liquidity for these meme coins.

Marketing Support

We provide free marketing support, including:

  • Bot wars for poll votes
  • Twitter Spaces (X Spaces)
  • Various other promotional activities

AI SaaS: Custom GPT Solutions

We’re also thrilled to offer a free AI SaaS at, featuring custom GPTs like COQGPT and HEFEGPT. These AI tools are equipped with:

  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Live price data from The Graph API
  • Tweet scraping for the latest updates

These GPTs are designed to help users learn more about meme coins and answer any related questions, such as where to buy them and other essential information.

We Need Your Ideas

We’re always looking for new ways to enhance exposure for meme coins. If you have any suggestions or ideas, we’d love to hear them! If you are builder please feel free to contact us and let’s work together to make the meme coin space on Avalanche even more exciting!

Best, The AMI Team

Arena: The Arena
Discord: AVAX MEME INDEX #WeLoveYou