MoonKiss: Memecoin Launchpad: [Round #1]

MoonKiss: Memecoin Launchpad: [Quadratic Funding Round #1] MoonKiss

Application Questions:

Please provide an overview of the project:
MoonKiss is a launchpad designed to democratize the creation of memecoins on the Avalanche blockchain. MoonKiss is engineered to facilitate the easy creation of fair launch memecoins equipped with anti-bot and anti-rug features to ensure a safe and equitable environment for investors. Additionally, our platform supports memecoins with tradable presales, enhancing early liquidity and market confidence.

Please explain how your project meets the round eligibility criteria: is designed to enhance the Avalanche ecosystem by offering an innovative platform that democratizes the creation of Meme Coins while ensuring security and fairness. Our project aligns with several key areas outlined in the grant criteria, particularly focusing on on-chain infrastructure, education, consumer applications, and cross-chain functionality:

  1. On-Chain Infrastructure and Protocols:
  • Anti-Bot Mechanics and Fair Launch Features: introduces sophisticated anti-bot mechanisms and no allocation policies to ensure fair Meme Coin launches. By automatically burning 100% of LP tokens and renouncing contracts, we prevent manipulative practices and foster trust within the Avalanche community.
  • Pre-Sale with Bonding Curve Pricing: Our unique pre-sale model allows creators to set pre-sale targets with trading on a bonding curve, enhancing liquidity strategies on Avalanche and demonstrating an innovative use of on-chain financial protocols.
  1. Education:
  • Resource for New and Migrating Users: By simplifying the process of creating and launching Meme Coins, serves as an educational tool for both new users and those migrating from other blockchains. We plan to include comprehensive guides and tutorials to educate users on token economics, blockchain functionality, and smart contract safety.
  1. Consumer Applications:
  • Accessible Meme Coin Creation for Cross-Chain Users: The platform makes entering the crypto space more accessible to a broader audience by minimizing the technical challenges associated with launching new tokens. This includes supporting users transitioning from other blockchains, who are looking to leverage the unique features of Avalanche, thereby promoting broader adoption and cross-chain functionality.

By facilitating an easier transition for users from other blockchains, not only enhances user adoption of Avalanche but also enriches the blockchain ecosystem with diverse coin offerings and increased liquidity. Our integration with TraderJoe for liquidity provision following successful pre-sales further supports the leading DEX on Avalanche, thereby contributing to its liquidity and user engagement.

Through these efforts, will advance the Avalanche ecosystem through innovation, education, and enhanced on-chain infrastructure, making it an exemplary candidate for this grant.

How does your project benefit the Avalanche Ecosystem? Please mention any existing or upcoming partnerships: provides significant benefits to the Avalanche ecosystem by introducing innovative features and fostering an inclusive environment for both existing Avalanche users and newcomers from other blockchains. Here are the key ways in which our project contributes:

  1. Enhancing Network Utility and Engagement:
  • By enabling users to launch Meme Coins easily and securely on Avalanche, directly increases network transactions and engagement. Each new token launch and subsequent transaction contributes to the overall activity and health of the Avalanche network, enhancing its utility and appeal.
  1. Driving Innovation with Pre-Sale and Fair Launch Mechanisms:
  • Our platform introduces a novel pre-sale mechanism based on a bonding curve, which not only provides a fair pricing model but also encourages early participation and investment in new projects. The fair launch features, including anti-bot measures and the burning of all LP tokens, ensure that launches are equitable, reducing the risk of manipulation and increasing trust in the Avalanche ecosystem.
  1. Supporting Cross-Chain Migration and Adoption:
  • is designed to be accessible to users from various blockchain backgrounds. This inclusivity not only attracts new users to Avalanche but also facilitates easy migration for those interested in leveraging Avalanche’s robust features. By lowering entry barriers, our platform promotes broader adoption and brings diverse user groups to Avalanche.
  1. Contributing to the DeFi and DEX Ecosystem:
  • By integrating with TraderJoe for liquidity provision post pre-sale, supports Avalanche’s leading DEX, enhancing its liquidity and functionality. This integration ensures that newly launched tokens immediately contribute to the economic ecosystem, bolstering trade volumes and providing more options for DeFi participants on Avalanche.
  1. Educational Impact:
  • We commit to empowering users with knowledge about cryptocurrency, token economics, and blockchain technology. Our platform will include educational resources that explain the nuances of Meme Coin creation and smart contract functionality, thus elevating the overall savvy of Avalanche users and promoting safer, more informed interactions within the ecosystem.

Through these contributions, aims to not just enhance the Avalanche platform by increasing its functionality and user base, but also to cultivate a more vibrant, secure, and innovative ecosystem. These efforts align with Avalanche’s goals to expand its network, improve user experience, and maintain its position as a leading blockchain for scalable, decentralized applications.

Hold old is the project?
Less than a month

Please outline any prior funding sources:

  • Total prior funding in USD: NA
  • Grants: NA
  • VC: NA
  • Token Launch: NA
  • Sales: NA

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Payout Wallet Address (Payment on Avalanche C-Chain): 0xCf49D642fa53E48888191b2B9e831Ef24E001841

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