Introducing: Developer Spotlight, a Deep-Diving Avalanche Blog Series

The tech Usman Asim needed for his dApp didn’t quite exist. He had a big idea, but also a problem set without a clear solution.

Usman rose to the challenge. He built his own solution on Avalanche.

How? Well, you’ll have to read the Developer Spotlight on Usman to find out. The story was published today on Avalanche’s blog. It’s the first post in a running series highlighting Avalanche devs. With 500+ dApps built on Avalanche and all kinds of new tech coming out all the time, there are countless devs to spotlight in the Avalanche ecosystem.

As a writer at Ava Labs, I get to tell their stories. Check back here for more. Hope you enjoy post #1.


Had no idea there was a blog being published with devs. Is this announced in the AVAX official DISCORD server?

Looking forward to reading and catching up on the posts.

Bourbin :tumbler_glass: