Hoshi NFT Avalanche Community Grants Quadratic Funding Round #1

[Quadratic Funding Round #1] Hoshi

Overview of the project:

Hoshi is a digital brand, embodied through cute mischevious anime characters brought to you by top notch artists.

We’re currently targeting a market that has yet to be explored, both in Avax and in the NFT landscape overall, cute anime. Hoshi is set to quite literally, live in the internet. We’re following the footsteps laid down to us by collections such as Pudgy Penguins, Sappy Seals, and more recently, Azuki.

As you probably know, the projects listed above have shown how critical it is to expand brands outside of Web 3. We’re setting ourselves up for success, as anime itself is on a surge and expected to be worth around $60B by 2030.

The interest of having animations as part of a digital identity is on demand, we’re able to witness this with entities such as Noun DAO and Arbitrum Foundation (Anime Coin) pouring millions in investments into what they believe, is the future.

We believe Avax NFTs are capable of having an impact, and we’d like to help the ecosystem succeed. Hoshi will be on the frontlines attracting new players into our space, with weekly social media skits created by artists who have previously worked in : Solo Leveling, Tokyo Revengers. One Piece, Goblin Slayer, Nier Automata and more.

Let us unfold this new adventure, together.


We’re currently building a high quality NFT collection, meant to directly support the growth of Avalanche through arts & culture.

The method we’re utilizing to enable growth is already tested to be effective. It’s not easy to create a digital brand, but with the right team and motivation it’s certainly possible. Our founding team has also contributed towards onboarding individuals into Avax, and has also made critical introductions that have led to product deployements on-chain. (Latest introduction was Shuriken Trading bot, https://x.com/ShurikenTrade/status/1770848759410221139?s=20 )

How does your project benefit the Avalanche Ecosystem? Please mention any existing or upcoming partnerships:

Exposure: Besides ensuring that we represent the Avalanche Brand in some of our weekly skits, through multichain collaborations our goal will be to onboard newer users into Avax.

Current Ecosystem: We also believe the Avax space has lacked a strong player with enough presence to create organic hype for a while. Currently, the amount of NFT collections that have self sustained is very low, and a good percentage got traction based on outside rewards and speculatiton. We think Hoshi, with it’s unique approach and branding will be able to create impact and differentiate itself from the crowd.

Partnerships: We currently have a few partnerships lined up with both NFT collections from Avax and from ETH. We’re helping them build out animations for their projects, but still can’t disclose until the animations are public.

How old is the project?

We’ve been building for 4 months.

Please outline any prior funding sources:

  • Total prior funding in USD:30,000.00
  • Grants: 0.00
  • VC: 0.00
  • Token Launch: 0.00
  • Sales: 0.00

Please provide a link to your public group chat (Discord or Telegram) if applicable:
Is there anything else you’d like to share about your project, previous work, or other affiliations?
Our artist has worked in Solo Leveling, Tokyo Revengers. One Piece, Goblin Slayer, Nier Automata and more.

(Can’t upload videos here but feel free to ask me for examples on Twitter : @wizippo )

Telegram Handle (you can answer N/A):
Profiles or socials of other main team members publicly associated with the project:
Andie Chu ( Main Artist)

Email Address(es):


Payout Wallet Address (Payment on Avalanche C-Chain):