Error on creating a new subnet

Hey i was creating a new subnet on my system and encountered an error

Error: Get "": dial tcp [2405:200:1607:2820:41::36]:443: i/o timeout

I tried multiple times to create but same issue.
Anyone knows what is wrong?


Can you explain in more detail what you are doing?

Building a subnet on mainnet, testnet, devnet? Local, cloud hosted?

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Hi Thanks for replying.
I was trying to create a new subnet using avalanche-cli.
"avalanche subnet create hello”and after filling all fields im getting
“Error: Get “”: dial tcp [2405:200:1607:2820:41::36]:443: i/o timeout”
but it ideally it should create a new subnet.

Can you help me in this please?

Yes, but can you get us some background? Building a subnet on mainnet, testnet, devnet? Local, cloud?
Linux? mac? Windows?

Are you using these docs? 🔺 Avalanche Subnets | Avalanche Dev Docs
If so where are you so we can try to recreate the steps.

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good day ,I have similar issues. I was trying to create a subnet on my local machine, I’m a windows user but I have wsl installed and ran it on my linux terminal . I followed the docs step by step and I’m stuck at this point.
Error: Get “”: net/http: TLS handshake timeout

@laviniatalpas If you can please take a look.


Which tutorial did you use? I’m trying to reproduce this

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i encounter with same issue,is there any solution of ,i am using wsl,yesterday it is working perfectly

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It may be best to create an issue on github for the team to look at. GitHub - ava-labs/avalanchego: Go implementation of an Avalanche node.