Avalanchego WARN Log: Router Attached Failed; P2P IP is Private

Hello, I’m new here with this blockchain platform, currently, I’m running my nodes on Azure VM, so how do I fix this WARN state to connect my nodes into my own subnet on fuji testnet network?


You will need to have port 9651 open so the node can communicate with others. Run an Avalanche Node with Microsoft Azure | Avalanche Dev Docs

I have done everything in the document, but still not resolved, and then what should I do? it still looks like that. I mean is it because of my router or It can be fixed just in Azure VM Configuration?

For the Azure setup you have to set that up to allow port 9651 to be open. I would also check to make sure you’re setup as a static IP and that you have the network security group setup correctly. The docs cover both I believe.