Roadmap SparqNet

During the Avalanche Summit Hackathon 2022, we made a major breakthrough regarding how quickly we could set up a subnet using the Avalanche infrastructure.
However, we still noticed some EVM-related limitations that can compound into a less satisfying experience for both developers and end-users.
On the surface, SparqNet may be summarily perceived as technology for building subnets in C++, but the mission is much broader. Throughout our development efforts, we’ve explored various possibilities, such as:

-Converting smart contracts written in other languages to C++

-Bridging internal subnets to external EVM-based blockchains

-More efficient/performance-friendly signature verification

-Circumventing gas limits with a static blockchain skeleton

-Enabling programming in other languages like Rust, Go and JavaScript

-A more randomized approach to Proof-of-Stake

-and many more…

In the near future, we will be covering some crucial targets on our roadmap to gradually merge all these concepts.

GO go this is a good project