Staava Protocol Quadratic Funding Round Application

Project Summary:

Staava Protocol has been a journey of over 7 months in pursuit of developing on Avalanche C-Chain and a novel Subnet (EVM) compactible blockchain that is initiating the concept of Scarcity with all that EVMs can do. Therefore, the Staava Protocol is an EVM Chain with dApp toolset for Web 3.0 solutions, deployed with the Avalanche-Go implementation. An open blockchain community that facilitates an array of web 3.0 possibilities.

Projected Use-cases and Products to Expect

#1. Staking DApp (Custom Tokens) - Coming Soon:
Users can stake Custom tokens to earn, based on integrated APYs.
#2. Scarcity Dapp — Coming Soon:
Users are rewarded with at-least 3.550684932 STAAV and above when they create scarcity with AVAX and other VsTs on SE-CHAIN.
#3. Credit Dapp — Coming Soon:
Users can take low interest credits (loans) in USDT at 0.75% APR with $STAAV, $AVAX and VsTs
#4. Token Creation Dapp With EDF (Ecosystem Development Fund) support for Custom Tokens
#5. Exercise to Earn Dapp
#6. Education & Charity Support Program for Africans:
The SE-CHAIN want to crusade Blockchain Education within Africa, starting from Nigeria where AVALANCHE and SE-CHAIN is our core interest with our Campus Tour campaign
#7. DEX
#8. NFT for RWA Developments.

Request for Support

We are seeking funding and development support from the Avalanche Community Grants program to aid the development of our set out goals (utilities and products):

  1. Core Development and New Research: This covers all dapp-able prospect that will boost the Staava Ecosystem with AVAX is at core for a Multichain DEX, and Dapp developments.

  2. Pan-African Outreach: We are already set to initiate campus tour in African, beginning from Nigeria (Africa’s biggest crypto nation), with the goal of presenting AVALANCHE core technologies together with Staava EVM Chain. We target a community of 250,000 real users.

  3. Research and implementation of RWA: In 2022, we ran test farming of food production with fishfarming. After success season of Real World Farming, We have deployed FAAM tokens on the Avalanche C-Chain to facilitate RWA implementation to promote and produce fishfarming with catfish. We have reared over 105,000 catfishes during our test farm, But we are now under the Staava Protocol to embark on mass production with RWA feature on SE-Chain and Avalanch C-Chain


Staava Protocol will become a stronghold subnet of the Avalanche technologies as we prevails with set aims of the protocol. When supported by the Avalanche Community Grants program, we can educates, develop, adventure into new height withing the Avalanche and Sechain ecoysystem.


Unlike any other thing seen on the Avalanche chain, STAAV is a revolution, creating ground breaking concepts like never before.
I’m glad to see the beginning and be a part of this.
Bullish on STAAVA :rocket::rocket: