Binance-peg AVAX stucked in Core app

Hi everyone, I just send some binance peg AVAX from my metamask to core app on BSC chain accidentally. Now I want to send the coins back, but failed. I already added the BSC chain and binance peg AVAX to the custom network and custom token. I can see the coins in core app. I also have some BNB in core app (for the use of gas fee), but when I want to send binance-peg AVAX back, core app just show" Network fee is invalid" and can’t do the transaction. Can anyone know how can I send the coin back to my metamask wallet / binance account? Thank you so much!


You may need to manually set the gas fee. Try that and it should work, if not you can use the same phrase and load it into an alternative wallet that handles BSC and should work also.

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