BaaBaaBet - Predictions DApp

In addition to the v.02 we have also added support to Core Ap.

Would be great if you guys can test and different browsers so we can have make sure that is working smoothly.

Enjoy, fam! :smiley:

Our BD team has been taking a close look at Baabaabet and it really feels like a friendly prediction dApp for sports and other activities. It definitely provided a lot of fun times during the World Cup :soccer:

Maybe the BaaBaaBet team will be interested in our upcoming infrastructure for highly scalable and language-agnostic Avalanche subnets. We are open to discussion!

Sharing my first experience here with Baabaabet. It is very simple and easy to use. I bet this platform can bring massive degen users to Avalanche (if supported with great marketing).

Add more games, team!