Why i use core-bridge has been sent BTC but i didnt received my btc.b?

This is my btc transaction id.
I use the avax-core bridge, but I did not receive btc.b after sending btc.
I have contacted community workers many times, but still have not received the cause and solution of the incident


Hi @Perter-Hai

Were you able to get your BTC.b on Avalanche? I can see that you sent 84.555 BTC to the bridge but it seems there were no BTC.b ever minted for it.

I am asking because it’s somehow worrying. Did Ava Labs confiscate your funds?

Thank you for reaching out. Due to the sensitivity around privacy and security of user information, I cannot help you on this forum. Please email legal@avalabs.org with your inquiry and they will respond as soon as possible.

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