Bridging BTC using Core + Ledger

Hi all, sorry for the stupid question. However, it seems that I’m failing to bridge Btc over from the Bitcoin Network to the Avalanche Network using Core. I’ve read that you need to have enough Btc to bridge over, plus the Btc for gas etc.

I have some btc in the address Core has given me. In the bridge, I click on ‘Max’ and reduce it a little bit more for the gas. When I click transfer, it requires me to connect my Ledger with the Bitcoin app - So nothing seems out of the ordinary.
When I truly try to transfer, it says ‘Approve on Ledger’, and then just closes without being able to approve it or bridge it.

What am I doing wrong/Is this a current issue?

Thanks in advance

Hello, we currently have an issue with the newest Bitcoin app. The extension team is working on updating the extension to accommodate the new app. In the meantime, we have the following option with the Bitcoin Legacy app that should solve this issue. Using Core with the Bitcoin Legacy Ledger application. | Avalanche Support


Yup, that did it. Thanks a million

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This is my btc transaction id.
I use the avax-core bridge, but I did not receive btc.b after sending btc.
When can I receive it, it has been 96 hours