What is the secure way of managing keys for avalanche p-chain staking

I want to set up a validator for Avalanche. What’s the best way to securely sign stake transactions on the p-chain? Since we’re a group of three friends running the validator, we don’t want funds to be owned by just one account. We would like to use multi-sig, but it’s not possible on the p-chain. How can we achieve the same level of security on the p-chain? Does the p-chain support MPC for wallets or any secure wallet management solution that allows shared ownership within a team to prevent sole ownership of funds?

Any help would be appreciated.

As far as best practices for securing your validator is to use a hardware wallet to sign transactions and secure their staker files.

UTXOs can be owned by multiple wallets which you can set thresholds for, so the P-chain does support multi-sig. See documentation below:

As far as MPC solutions goes, I don’t believe anything really exists on the market for the P-chain

Above documentation doesn’t allowing to do so in a secure way as keys would still remain in the plain text format.

Anyway can you or someone from the avalanche community recommend the custodian who offers p-chain staking in a secure way ?

This has a general recommendation but you would need to decide what is the best way for yourself to secure keys. Node Backup and Restore | Avalanche Dev Docs