Support for P Chain

So, as you know we wish to add to our wallets support for AVAX staking.

As of now, we are supporting AVAX-C only, and not X or P.

So I did some research on that staking and understood a few things (correct me if any of them is wrong).

  1. You can not stake on AVAX-C, but only on AVAX-P
  2. To stake your AVAX-C, you must
    2.1. Convert AVAX-C to AVAX-X
    2.2. Convert AVAX-X to AVAX-P
    2.3. Stake our AVAX-P
    2.4. Earn a lot of money (and after some time when you wish to stop:)
    2.5. Unstake our AVAX-P
    2.1. Convert AVAX-P to AVAX-X
    2.2. Convert AVAX-X to AVAX-C
  3. Each chain (C,X,P) have it own node and API
  4. Each chain (C,X,P) have an option to move funds between addresses in this chain
  5. Each chain (C,X,P) have its own transaction structure that is different than the other (X chain is actually UTXO
  6. Each chain (C,X,P) have its address format

So, if my understanding is correct, adding staking on AVAX, require us to add 2 full chain support and some transferring transactions. Which is a pretty big task :slight_smile:

Is there any simpler way to stake AVAX? Maybe a contract on AVAX-C?


There is no way to stake on C-chain unless you are doing liquid staking with dApps like Benqi or Trader Joe.

You can submit a ACP to throw that idea into the hat of features. GitHub - avalanche-foundation/ACPs: Avalanche Community Proposals (ACPs)

Just a note, you can cross chain directly between C-P, no need to cross chain it 2x, but I still get your overall point.

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