Vrumble: BattleFi

Proposal Title: [Quadratic Funding Round #1] Vrumble: BattleFi


Application Questions:

OVERVIEW of Project:
Vrumble is:

  • SoFi (key trading and key gated private chat rooms)
  • Livestreaming and Video Chat
  • On Chain Rewards for the real time Mini game battles

all done in app, playable on iOS and Android!

Login and receive a social login provisioned wallet, follow Vrumble influencers, fund your wallet with some AVAX and start buying Dojo Keys.

Each time you or your influencer wins a battle in Vrumble, since you hold a key you can claim - as Victory - some SUJI (Vrumble Game Token) OR… the current meme token for that Season. Upgrade your NFT’s powers with SUJI and rise the ranks.

Livestream this all to your Dojo Key holders, capturing your best wins in a Shot and post to the social feed.

Vrumble has been in development for several years now and is excited for its next evolution. Using market buys of its SUJI token through the fees generated by the SoFi Key trades, Vrumble will be the premier knockout BattleFi mobile game of the decade with on chain rewards.

We are adding more mini games every few months with gameshow styled tournaments planned to engage the community.

With our easy onboarding and ability to get into the battles immediately we see our mobile game reaching many outside the crypto ecosystem… Excited to onboard the next 10Million crypto gamers!

Round Eligibility:
We are supporting gamers and creators in the Avalanche ecosystem. We would categorize as On-Chain Infrastructure and Protocols, Gaming and an NFT Consumer Application.

How does Vrumble: BattleFi benefit the Avalanche Ecosystem?
Vrumble has been built to provide a unique social experience that rides on the rails of tokenization that utilizes short, mid and long term game loops to keep the play engaged and excited about the potential rewards from their vicorites - all facilitated by the Avalanche network. As Vrumble grows it will be able to leverage the Avalanche subnet and AWM/teleporter capabilities to provide a scalable ecosystem for gamers to grow their clout, gain wins and bolster the various meme coins, NFT collections and their communities with Vrumble’s deep on chain reward cycles.

Hold old is the project?
We began work on it a few years ago and now will be launching in a month with our new capabilities.

Please outline any prior funding sources:

  • Total prior funding in USD:
    0, bootstrapped
  • Grants:
    0, bootstrapped
  • VC:
    0, bootstrapped
  • Token Launch:
    SUJI has launched and is emitted through NFT Staking of Vrumblers.
  • Sales:
    500 AVAX (NFT sales of Vrumblers)

Please provide a link to your public group chat (Discord or Telegram) if applicable:

Telegram Handle (you can answer N/A):

Profiles or socials of other main team members publicly associated with the project:

Payout Wallet Address (Payment on Avalanche C-Chain):